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Narrator: Meet John... and his friend Steve, the grocer, from across the street.

Steve: Hey Buddy, ready to hit the road?

John: Oh is it that time already? You just go ahead. I’m going to take the bus.

Steve: What’s the problem?

John: All this. I’m completely snowed under. This mess just keeps growing. I have to stay and sort it all out.

Steve: I guess you didn’t know that you can get mail from the Canada Revenue Agency online?

John: Oh yeah? How secure is that?

Steve: Well, you do your banking online, don’t you? Well the CRA uses the same online security as your bank. I’ve been using My Business Account, that I set-up with the CRA, for quite a while and believe me, it’s totally safe and secure. And now, I get my business- related mail online, too. It’s so handy... and it really cuts through the clutter. If you know what I mean?

John: I just wish I’d heard about it earlier.

Steve: Well here, I can show you how it works. Ok great, you’re already on the CRA Web site... First you sign in, or register, for a secure online account. Once registered, select "Manage online mail" and follow the few easy steps. Then the CRA will send you email notifications when there’s mail for you to view in your online business account.

John: It seems so simple.

Steve: It’s a piece of cake.

John: You’re paying for that you know.

Steve: Management fee!

Narrator: Using the CRA’s new secure online mail service for business is much faster and easier than managing paper mail...And that reduces your cost of doing business... which helps you to get home on time.

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