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When I was a funeral director I ended up specializing in family support, went from there into developing family assistance programs that were a little bit outside of what you might think of as a funeral director. There was a bit of a change in how the industry perceived it. There was a bit of a separation between the funeral industry and the family support industry and that changed for me because it meant my position really wasn't required. I really had to just go about developing a business model that let me find different ways to find clients. There is definitely a moment of fear when you find out that you have really been left to sort of fend for yourself. How am I going to pay my bills? Have I got enough savings to get me through this? I wasn't aware of the CWB program at all until I discovered it when I was doing income taxes for the year, did a quick little bit of research, found out exactly that I was who it was for. It's a great benefit to get someone through a difficult financial time. I was completely eligible and it was really very simple. It's done right on the tax return.

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