What to do if the CRA is asking you for information


When the CRA asks you for information, don't delay.

Provide all of it on time, every time.

Have you been contacted by the Canada Revenue Agency asking you to provide information?

There are many reasons why the CRA may want to get in touch with you.

Whatever the reason, don't delay.

It's important that you respond to us by the deadline we give you.

Meet Ahmed.

Ahmed has been contacted by the CRA about his tax return.

He has been asked to provide the CRA with information by a specific date.

Ahmed understands the importance of paying attention to all the correspondence from the CRA, and always responds promptly.

If we don't hear back from Ahmed by the deadline date, the CRA may make decisions without the information he was asked to provide.

Suspicious that the request might be a scam?

Before responding to a letter or a phone call, for peace of mind, visit canada.ca/taxes-fraud-prevention.

Once you’ve reassured yourself that the contact from the CRA is legitimate, send your information by mail or electronically to the CRA using Submit Docs.

Need more time to respond due to special circumstances?

Let us know before the deadline by contacting the CRA office or representative identified on the letter to discuss your situation.

If the CRA contacts you for information, be sure to contact us on time, every time.

When you respond, the CRA will be ready to help you.

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