Canada Dental Benefit

Status: Not yet available

The government is proposing the new interim Canada Dental Benefit for eligible families earning less than $90,000 per year. It would provide financial support for parents and guardians of children under 12 years old if they receive dental care and do not have access to a private dental insurance plan. Children already covered under another government dental program may also be eligible if not all dental care costs are paid by that program.

Families would be able to apply for a payment for each eligible child. Applications are not yet available.

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File your income taxes

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Confirm you applied for the Canada Child Benefit (CCB)

Receiving the CCB may be required to access this benefit.

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    Who currently receives CCB payments for your child?

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When you could apply

More information will be provided if Royal Assent is received

Legislation for the interim Canada Dental Benefit is under review and pending approval by Parliament.

Applications may be available after December 1, 2022 and may include dental services that occur on or after October 1, 2022.

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