Auto-fill my return

Auto-fill my return is a secure Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service that allows individuals and authorized representatives using certified software, to automatically fill in parts of an income tax and benefit return with information that the CRA has available at the time of the request.

2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 

How do I use Auto-fill my return?


To use the Auto-fill my return service, you must: 

When you are ready to use Auto-fill my return, your software will prompt you to enter your My Account user ID and password. Follow the steps provided in the software you are using. Once Auto-fill my return has populated your return with the information, make sure that all the proper fields on the return are filled in and that the information provided is true, accurate and complete before you file your return.

Preparing a tax return for a family member or a friend

Individuals can also use Auto-fill my return on behalf of a family member. If you prepare a tax return for a family member or a friend, you need to:

Each individual should enter their own CRA user ID and password to use this service. Auto-fill my return can be used for the current tax filing year plus the previous seven tax years, depending on the software you use.

Authorized representatives

To use the Auto-fill my return service,

you must:

your client must:

What information does Auto-fill my return deliver?

The Auto-fill my return service will deliver all of the information listed below that is available at the time of the request. The CRA receives tax information from third parties and as such, the CRA should have most tax information slips and other tax-related information by mid-March of each year. However, if the information is not available, it is possible that the CRA has not yet received it. If that is the case, please try the service again later.


Receipts for RRSP and PRPP contributions made in the first 60 days of the 2024 year may not be available until May 2024.

Tax information slips

The following information may be available for 2016 and subsequent tax years:

For more information, go to Tax information slips.

Other tax-related information

The following information is available for 2023 income tax and benefit returns:


T4A slips available in Auto-fill my return may include amounts received for the following COVID-19 Emergency Relief measures:

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)
  • Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)
  • Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)
  • Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB)
  • Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB)
  • Provincial/Territorial COVID-19 Financial assistance payments
  • Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit (CWLB)

Client Data Enquiry (CDE)

The CDE is a service that provides the following 2023 client information through Auto-fill my return to representatives using EFILE-certified software. CDE is also available in Represent-a-Client.

Your Responsibilities

Before you file a tax return with the CRA using the information delivered by Auto-fill my return you have to ensure that all proper fields on the return are filled in correctly, including information not delivered by Auto-fill my return, and that the information provided is true, accurate and complete. It remains the taxpayer's responsibility to report their income before a tax return is submitted to the CRA.

If you are missing or notice a mistake on an information slip, contact the employer, payer, or administrator for that slip.

If you notice a mistake in the tax-related information, have an account-specific question about other tax-related information, or need additional information, call the Individual Tax enquiries service at 1-800-959-8281.

If you are having problems with the Auto-fill my return login process, go to CRA user ID and password help and FAQs or contact the Individual Tax enquiries service at 1-800-959-8281. 

Information about T5 slips (Statement of Investment Income)

T5 slips in more than one name (couples or parent/child)

The Auto-fill my return service gathers all tax income slips that the CRA has available in My Account for you to review in your software. You will be prompted to determine if the amount is accurate and who should report the income from slips showing more than one individual’s name. You will then be able to verify and choose if you wish to report the income in total, in part, or not at all.

Splitting income from a T5 slip

Once the Auto-fill my return service delivers the T5 slip into a NETFILE-certified software, you need to report your share of interest from a joint investment based on how much you contributed to it. You can enter the percentage of interest directly in the software. The difference would need to be declared by the other individual.

Information about the T5008 slip (Statement of Securities Transactions)

T5008 – more than 500 slips

The Auto-fill my return service will not deliver more than 500 T5008 slips. If your client has 501 slips or more, they will receive an error message informing them that there were too many slips to deliver. In such a case, all of the T5008 slips will have to be manually entered.

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