Using a Sign-in Partner

1. What is a Sign-In Partner?

Sign-In Partners are private sector companies and organizations that have partnered with SecureKey Technologies to enable their customers to use their online credentials (e.g. card numbers or user names and passwords) to access Government of Canada services.

2. Who are the Sign-in Partners?

See the list of Sign-In Partners.

Other credential providers will be added in the future. Keep checking when you sign in to access Government of Canada online services.

3. What is Government Sign-In by Verified.Me?

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is a credential broker service that acts as a bridge between the Government of Canada and participating credential service providers (Sign-in Partners). Government Sign-In by Verified.Me allows you to sign in using your online banking information if you have an account with one of the participating Sign-In Partners. SecureKey operates independently of the financial institutions and the Government of Canada services.

4. What are the advantages of using my Sign-In Partner credential?

Your existing credentials, such as your online banking credential, are familiar as you may already use them on a regular basis. Using your credential from one of the Sign-In Partners to access government services is convenient as you don’t have to remember a different user ID and password.

The safeguarding of Canadians’ information online is a priority for the Government of Canada and measures have been put in place to ensure secure online access which respects privacy.

Remember that when you use a Sign-In Partner, none of your banking or personally identifiable information is communicated to the government service you are accessing and the Government of Canada does not know which Sign-In Partner you have used. Similarly, no information about the government service being accessed by the user will be shared with the user's Sign-In Partner.

5. If I use the Sign-in Partner service, will I still be able to use my CRA credential?

Yes. You can still use your CRA credential as well as any banking credential. The CRA allows up to a maximum of five credentials per person.

6. Can I access multiple government services with one bank credential?

Yes. You can use the same banking credential to sign into any number of government services that offer sign in with Government Sign-In by Verified.Me. While you are signed into one government service, you can access a second government service without signing in again – provided you have previously validated your identity with the same credential.

7. Is any of my personal information shared with the government if I use a Sign-In Partner?

No. The information you enter (e.g. username, password) and the identity of the financial institution are not shared with the Government of Canada. Similarly, none of your personal tax information will be shared with your financial institution. No personally identifying information or banking details are ever shared.

8. The institution I do business with is not on the list of Sign-in Partners. What alternative do I have to access services online?

Individuals who do not have a credential (e.g. username and password) with one of the Sign-In Partners can use government-issued credentials, such as the CRA user ID and password. To access the CRA’s services you will need to register for a CRA user ID and password. For more information see, CRA sign-in services.

It is expected that other Sign-In Partners will be added in the future, so keep checking the list of Sign-In Partners when you sign in to access Government of Canada services.

9. I bank with one of the Sign-in Partners on your list, but I'm not registered to bank online. Am I still able to access Government of Canada services using my Sign-in Partner?

To sign in using a Sign-In Partner that is a financial institution or bank, you must be registered for online banking access. Contact your bank for assistance. 

10. Will the bank charge me for using my banking credential to access government online services?

No. This is part of the service your bank offers its customers.

11. Can I use different banking credentials for different government services?

Yes. However, you must keep track of which online banking credentials you used to sign in with each government service.

12. Can I change which online banking credential I use?

You can change your online banking credentials at any time. To learn more, look for the Switch My Sign-in Partner link on the top of the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me page.

13. I have forgotten or misplaced my bank password and/or user ID. How can I recover them?

Contact your financial institution for assistance. 

14. I lost my bank card, what should I do?

Contact your financial institution for assistance. 

15. If my bank issues me a new bank card (with new numbers), can I still access my Government Online Services?

After receiving your new bank card (with new numbers), you may be required to re-register with your Government Online Service using the new card number.

16. How do I revoke or change my bank user ID or password or manage my bank security questions?

Contact your financial institution for assistance.

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