T619, Electronic Transmittal

2022V1 - updated 2021-12-31

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Submission xmlns:ccms="http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/xmlns/ccms/1-0-0"


Submission reference identification
- Required 8 alphanumeric
Note: This is a unique number that is created by the transmitter to identify each submission filed.

Report type code
- Required 1 alpha
- Original = O
- Amended = A

Transmitter number
required MM + 6 numeric, example: MM555555
- If you are filing 1 return only and do not have an existing Transmitter number please use generic transmitter number MM555555 to file this return. If you still wish to obtain a Transmitter number, please call 1-800-665-5164 to obtain one.
- If you will be filing more than 1 return please use the Transmitter (MM) number that we have assigned to you. If you do not have a transmitter number and will be filing more than 1 return, please call 1-800-665-5164 to obtain one.
- If you are filing 1 return and currently have an existing transmitter number (MM) use that number.

Transmitter type indicator
1 numeric
- 1 if you are submitting your returns
- 2 if you are submitting returns for others (service providers)
- 3 if you are submitting your returns using a purchased software package
- 4 if you are a software vendor

Total number of summary records
- Required 6 numeric
- Total number of summary records filed on this electronic medium.

Language of communication indicator
- Required 1 alpha
- E = English
- F = French

Transmitter name - line 1
- Required 30 alphanumeric

Transmitter name – line 2
- 30 alphanumeric
- If the transmitter name is more than 30 alphanumeric characters, enter the remaining characters on this line.



Transmitter address - line 1
- 30 alphanumeric
- First line of the transmitter’s address.

Transmitter address – line 2
- 30 alphanumeric
- If the transmitter address is more than 30 alphanumeric characters, enter the remaining characters on this line.

Transmitter city
- Required 28 alphanumeric
- City in which the transmitter is located.

Transmitter province or territory code
- Required 2 alpha
-If the transmitter is located in Canada, use the following abbreviations:

If the transmitter is located in the U.S., use the following abbreviations:

Transmitter country code
- CAN for Canada
- USA for the United States of America
- 3 alpha
- Country in which the transmitter is located. Use the alphabetic country codes as outlined in the International Standard (ISO) 3166 - Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries.

Transmitter postal code
- Required 10 alphanumeric
- Canadian postal code, format is alpha, numeric, alpha, numeric, alpha, numeric, example: A9A9A9
- or the US zip code of the transmitter.
- or if the transmitter's country code is not CAN or USA, enter the foreign postal code.



Contact name
- Required 22 alphanumeric
- contact's first name followed by surname. Do not include titles (for example, Mr. or Mrs.).

Contact area code - Required 3 numeric

Contact telephone number
- Required 3 numeric, followed by (-) and 4 numeric.

Contact extension number
7 numeric

Contact e-mail address
- Required 60 alphanumeric

Contact e-mail address - 2
60 alphanumeric


Note: All returns to be filed in this submission would be included at this point in the XML document. See XML specifications to file electronically for a list of specifications that apply to your return.


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