Terms of use for email notifications

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will send email notifications to the email address you have provided to notify you when specific changes are made to your account information, and other important information about the account. The email notifications that are eligible for this service may change. As new types of notifications are added or removed from this service, you may not be notified of each change.

The CRA will send email notifications to notify you of any CRA mail available in My Account and/or My Business Account.

Note: You may choose to receive eligible CRA mail electronically or by paper. You may also sign up for optional email notifications. You can select your correspondence preference and optional email notifications under Related services in the Notification preferences section of My Account or by calling the CRA.

To view CRA mail online, you must be registered for My Account and/or My Business Account, or if you are a representative then you must be registered for Represent a Client and be authorized on this account. All CRA mail available in My Account and/or My Business Account will be presumed to have been received on the date that the email notification is sent. Most mail that is eligible for electronic delivery will no longer be printed and mailed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the email address provided to the CRA is accurate, and to update it when there is any changes. CRA email notifications are subject to the terms of any agreement with your mobile carrier or Internet Service Provider. You are responsible for any fees imposed by them.

CRA email notifications are sent unencrypted and unsecured. The email notifications could be lost or intercepted, or could be viewed or altered by others who have access to your email account. You accept this risk and acknowledge that the CRA will not be liable if you are unable to access or receive the email notifications, nor for any delay or inability to deliver notifications.

These terms of use may be changed from time to time. The CRA will provide notice in advance of the effective date of the new terms. You agree that the CRA may notify you of these changes by emailing either the new terms, or notice of where the new terms can be found, to the email address that you provided. You agree that your use of the service after the effective date of any change to these terms constitutes your agreement to the new terms. If you do not agree to the new terms, you must remove the email address provided and no longer use the service.

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