Academic Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement

The Academic Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement program is an important bridge linking CSIS to Canadians. The program engages with stakeholders and thought leaders on national security issues from across Canada and around the world to ensure that CSIS’ work is informed by a spectrum of Canadian voices and perspectives.

Academic Outreach

CSIS’ Academic Outreach program draws subject matter expertise from within government, academia, business and other external sources from across Canada and around the world to help the Service better understand current and emerging issues related to Canada’s broad national security interests. The program creates the multi-disciplinary space within CSIS to help us gain a richer understanding of national security issues and develop a long-term view of national and global trends. Our engagement with external experts from a broad range of backgrounds and experience helps to challenge assumptions and cultural biases, and sharpens our research and analytical capacities.

The Academic Outreach program supports Government of Canada and public initiatives by hosting workshops, presentations, and round-table discussions; by commissioning open source research; and by participating in inter-governmental committees. These efforts inform evidence-based decision making and policy development in the Government of Canada and the public sector. The program also leads in coordinating a government-wide approach to academic outreach, and is often consulted on the development and implementation of similar programs within Canada and abroad.

Stakeholder Engagement

To effectively address modern national security threats affecting Canadians in a way that meets transparency and accountability requirements, and inspires confidence in our work, CSIS regularly engages with non-government economic and social organizations including those in the private sector, civil society, academia, and industry associations.

The stakeholder engagement program aims to ensure that Canadians recognize CSIS as an informed and trusted partner in protecting the strength of Canada’s social fabric and economic prosperity. In order to build and foster strong relationships with important stakeholders, the program openly interacts with Canadians in key sectors of our civil society and economy to learn from each other’s experiences and help foster a collective understanding of Canada’s broad national security interests and priorities.

Guidance Pamphlets

The Academic Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement program has published a number of guidance pamphlets to help support individuals and groups in industry, academia, government and broader civil society in understanding threats and taking action to protect themselves and their interests.  AOSE is committed to working with stakeholders and partners to enhance awareness of threats to Canada's national security interests and to foster collective resilience.



The Academic Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement program publishes reports and independent research to stimulate debate, inform decision making, and encourage the exchange of views and perspectives about national security and intelligence. 













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