Maintaining your business

Maintaining your business

Managing your business operations, strategic and financial planning, marketing, growth and more.


Services and information

Managing your business during the COVID-19 outbreak

Financial help and how to reopen your business safely

Maintain your federal corporation

Filing annual returns or making changes to federal corporations electronically

Managing your finances

Resources to help you with your financial planning, accounting, budgets and more

Supply chain management

How an effective supply chain creates a seamless process from pre-production to consumption

Buying federal real estate

Federal real estate available for sale

Marketing and sales techniques

Techniques for promoting your business and selling your goods and services

Management, leadership and strategic planning

How leadership, a strong management team and solid business planning can help businesses to succeed

R&D and innovation

Funding, collaboration, commercialization and licensing resources to help fuel innovation

Corporate social responsibility

Integrating corporate social responsibility practices into your business

Greening your business

Resources to help improve your business and increase your environmental efficiency

Exiting your business

Selling or closing your business, plus help with succession planning

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