Nuclear, oil and gas, and mining regulations

Nuclear, oil and gas, and mining regulations

Northern petroleum rights, pipelines, energy infrastructure, uranium mines, nuclear plants and more.

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Northern petroleum rights management

The governance and regulation of oil and gas exploration on Crown Lands in the North.

Regulation of uranium mines and mills

Regulation and licencing of operating, future, and decommissioned uranium mines and mills.

Regulation of nuclear power plants

How nuclear power plants are regulated across each stage of their life cycle.

Regulation of nuclear research reactors

Regulated scientific research, non-destructive testing and the production of radioactive substances.

Licensing of nuclear substances and radiation devices

Licenses for the possession, use, transfer and trade of nuclear substances.

Regulation of nuclear medical facilities and equipment

Regulated medical facilities with particle accelerators and/or irradiators.

Licensing of dosimetry service providers

The licencing of dosimetry service providers and how to apply for a licence.

Nuclear substance import and export controls

Licencing and compliance requirements for nuclear substances and prescribed equipment and information.

Mandatory measurement accuracy inspections

Measurement accuracy inspections for specific industry sectors and device type.

Natural gas and natural gas liquids imports

How to apply for the import of natural gas and natural gas liquids including ethane, propane and butane.

Energy exports and imports

Trading crude oil, refined petroleum products, electricity, natural gas and natural gas liquids.

Oil and gas compliance and enforcement

The National Energy Board's lifecycle regulations framework.

Pipelines, power lines, tolls and tariffs

The construction and operation of international or interprovincial pipelines, power lines and more.

Exploration of offshore oil and gas in the North

Application forms for North/offshore well activity permissions.

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