Dress instructions | Annex A Ceremonial dress - No. 1

  1. Introduction. This annex and Figures 5A-1 and 5A-2 describes ceremonial dress.
  2. Full  Dress. Optional  full  dress  (No.  1B  Order)  is  only  worn  by  RMCC  officer  cadets,  authorized organizations, and Air Force pipe bands. Details are in Chapter 6.
  3. Undress
    1. Optional undress uniforms (Nos. 1C and 1D Orders) are only worn by Navy members, (summer only – see sub-paragraph b.) and by RMCC officer cadets, Army members of the Army Reserve and Air Force pipe bands (see Chapter 6).
    2. The optional Navy high-collared white jacket is worn only during the summer dress period. A uniform of either 65/35 or 75/25 poly/cotton mix or 100 percent polyester is authorized for wear, provided components are not mixed. A white clutch evening bag may be carried by women.
  4. Accoutrements
    1. Officers, Chief Petty Officers First class and Chief Warrant Officers wear either:
      1. an approved sword belt and slings and:
        1. Navy – a Navy officer pattern sword,
        2. Army – a universal pattern (infantry) or other approved sword, and
        3. Air Force– an Air Force pattern sword; or
      2. a pistol and approved ceremonial belt and holster.
    2. Chief petty officers second class and petty officers first class may be ordered to wear the universal pattern (infantry) sword with corresponding sword belt and slings on appropriate occasions.
    3. If regimental customs so authorize, Army non-commissioned members may wear a sword.
    4. When armed with a rifle or carbine, their normal weapon, non-commissioned members shall wear a bayonet with bayonet carrier and scabbard on the approved ceremonial belt.
    5. Officers, warrant officers and sergeants in rifle regiments may wear a black shoulder belt with pouch with No. 1 and No. 1A orders of dress in accordance with regimental customs.
    6. Musicians may wear side-arms (musician swords or bayonets) with ceremonial orders of dress (see Section 2, paragraph 10, and Chapter 6, Figures 6-10 to 6-12).
    7. Special Forces Operators may wear the Tomahawk in lieu of the bayonet with ceremonial orders of dress. Both with and without a rifle or carbine.
  5. Clothing Items
    1. Optional white gloves may be worn by:
      1. Navy and Air Force members with No. 1 Orders of dress; and
      2. Army members in accordance with branch/corps or regimental custom (armoured and rifle regiments may wear black gloves in lieu in accordance with regimental custom.
    2. Long-sleeved shirts:
      1. shall be worn by Navy members, and
      2. may be ordered worn by Army and Air Force members.
    3. Topcoat (gabardine) or lightweight raincoat are the only authorized outer wear with ceremonial dress (with the exception of orders of dress found in Chapter 6).
    4. Rifle regiments may wear black accoutrements in lieu of white, black necktie, and wedge cap in approved colours and design in accordance with regimental custom.
    5. Members may wear the No. 3 order alternative skirt with No. 1A order of dress when not on parade and when strict uniformity is not ordered, according to the occasion for wear.
    6. Special Forces Operators may wear black gloves and black ceremonial belts in lieu of white.
    7. Patented leather shoes are optional on daily routine, parades or ceremonies according to environment, branch, corps or regimental direction.

Figure 5A-1 Ceremonial Dress

Figure 5A-2 Ceremonial Dress

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