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  1. The Canadian Armed Forces consists of one service called the Canadian Forces (CF). The CF is an armed body raised by Canada and organized, equipped, and trained for any task, the most extreme of which is war.
  2. The CF identity system is primarily designed to reinforce the chain of command and foster group identity, cohesion, and, thus, operational effectiveness. The system includes uniforms, insignia(badges and flags), marches, calls, appointments, accoutrements, and organizational titles.
  3. An individual identity system overlays the one for groups and marks personal achievement: rank and appointment insignia; occupation and skill badges; and honours (Orders, decorations, medals, and other awards). These matters are discussed in the references noted below.


  1. Uniforms and dress are discussed in A-AD-265-000/AG-001, CF Dress Instructions.
  2. ChOrganizational insignia and lineages are discussed in A-AD-267-000/AF-001/4, Insignia and ChLineages of the CF.
  3. Ceremonial procedures and related matters are discussed in:
    1. A-AD-201-000/PT-000, CF Manual of Drill and Ceremonial; and
    2. A-PD-202-001/FP-000, CF Band Instructions.

Ch6A. Honours to individuals have been deleted from this manual and will be the subject of a separate publication to be issued later by the Directorate Honours and Recognition.

  1. This manual compiles information on the subjects in the following table.
  • Precedence of Organizations and Individuals
    • Chapter 1 - Precedence
  • Recognition of Merit and Achievement
    • ChChapter 2 - Historical Records (to be published)
    • Chapter 3 - Honours to Units and Organizations
  • Identity of Groups and Locations
    • Chapter 4 - Flags
    • Chapter 5 - Colours
    • Chapter 6 - Badges and Mottoes
    • Chapter 7 - Anthems, Marches and Calls
    • Chapter 8 - Alliances, Affiliations, and Partnerships
    • Chapter 9 - Days of Commemoration
    • Chapter 10 - Naming of Works, Buildings and Geographical Features
  • Identity of Individuals
    • Chapter 11 - Forms of Address
    • Chapter 12 - Royal and Vice-Regal Dignitaries and Heads of State
    • Chapter 13 - Military Honours and Gun Salutes
    • Chapter 14 - Distinguishing Flags and Plates
  • Voluntary Military Heritage Organizations
    • ChChapter 15 - Military Support Bands and Alternative Ceremonial Sub-Units
    • ChChapter 16 - CF Museums – Management and Administration (to be published)

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