Heritage Structure | Chapter 7 – Anthems, Salutes, Marches and Calls


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  1. This chapter deals with anthems, salutes, marches and calls. Other subjects related to bands are covered elsewhere in this publication. Specifically:
    1. display of honours on band equipment is covered in Chapter 3, Section 2, Paragraph 7 and figure 3-3-4;
    2. trumpet, drum, bagpipe and music stand banners are covered in Chapter 4, Section 7, Paragraph 5; and
    3. authorized voluntary bands are covered in Chapter 15.


  1. Anthems, salutes, marches, as well as trumpet, bugle and bagpipe calls are musical compositions which symbolize identity or initiate action. They are individually authorized and regulated to ensure that their meaning is clear to all.
  2. Other musical compositions such as hymns, and popular songs are often associated with one particular unit or other organization through long use. Such connections are matters of custom, not regulation, and are not discussed further in this chapter.

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