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ChCh 7 – 2008-05-15

Ch3-3-1 Emblazonment Sequence 3-3-1
Ch3-3-3 Ship’s Battle Honour Board 3-3-2
Ch3-3-5 Battle Honour Emblasonment Limitation on Colours 3-3-3
Ch3-3-8 Drum Emblasonment 3-3-4
4-1-1 Details of a Flag 4-1-8
4-2-1 Positioning of Flags 4-2-11
4-2-2 Positioning of Flags on Masts 4-2-12
4-2-3 Positioning of Flags Horizontally and Vertically 4-2-13
4-2-4 Draping of Flag on a Closed Casket 4-2-14
4-2-5 Half-masting of Flags 4-2-15
4-2-6 Preparation of distinguishing Flags for Breaking 4-2-16
4-3-1 Superior Positions on Ship Masts 4-3-1
4-3-2 CF Naval Jack (Maritime Command Camp Flag) 4-3-6
4-3-3 CF Auxiliary Vessels Jack 4-3-6
4-3-4 Maritime Operations Group Commander Indicator 4-3-16
4-3-5 SCOPA Pennant 4-3-17
4-3-6 Queen’s Harbour Master Flag 4-3-17
4-3-7 Church Pennant (HMC Ships) 4-3-18
4-3-8 ICNAF Inspection Pennant 4-3-18
4-4-1 The National Flag of Canada 4-4-1
4-5-1 The Canadian Forces Ensign 4-5-1
4-6-1 Common Command Camp Flag Design 4-6-3
4-8-1 The Royal Union Flag 4-8-2
4-8-2 The United Nations Flag 4-8-3
4-8-3 The NATO Flag 4-8-4
4-8-4 The Red Cross Flag 4-8-5
4-8-5 The Commonwealth Flag 4-8-6
4-8-6 Display Method – National Flag in the Centre 4-8-7
4A-1 Cadet Flags and their Parallel in the CF 4A-1
4A-2 Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Flag 4A-3
4A-3 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Banner 4A-3
4A-4 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Flag 4A-4
4A-5 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Camp Flag 4A-4
4A-6 Royal Canadian Air Cadets Banner 4A-5
4A-7 Royal Canadian Air Cadets Ensign 4A-5
4A-8 Design for an Air Cadet Squadron Banner 4A-6
5-1-1 Displayed Stand of Colours 5-1-9
5-1-2 Displayed Guidon 5-1-9
5A-1 Queen’s Colour: Maritime Command 5A-7
5A-2 Queen's Colour: Air Command 5A-7
5A-3 Command Colour: Air Command 5A-8
5A-4 Standard: Horse Guards and Dragoon Guards 5A-8
5A-5 Guidon: Other Armour Regiments (Former Cavalry) 5A-9
5A-6 Guidon: Armour Regiments (Without a Cavalry Background) 5A-9
5A-7 Queen’s Colour: Foot Guards 5A-1
5A-8 Queen’s Colour: Infantry Regiments (Except Foot Guards) 5A-10
5A-9 Regimental Colour: Foot Guards 5A-11
5A-10 Regimental Colour: Infantry Regiments (Except Foot Guards and Highland) with less than 10 Battle Honours 5A-11
5A-11 Regimental Colour: Infantry Regiments (Except Foot Guards and Highland) with 10 or more Battle Honours 5A-12
5A-12 Regimental Colour: Infantry Regiments (Except Foot Guards and Highland) with White, Black or Scarlet Facings 5A-12
5A-13 Regimental Colour: Highland Regiments 5A-13
5A-14 Armour Regiments Standards and Guidons and Queen’s Colours for Regiments of Foot Guard: Multi-Unit Regiments 5A-13
5A-15 Standard: Air Squadron 5A-14
14-2-1 The Queen’s Personal Canadian Flag 14-2-2
14-2-2 The Governor-General’s Flag 14-2-3
14-2-3 Example of a Lieutenant-Governor’s Flag 14-2-5/14-2-6
14-3-1 General Officers Distinguishing Flags 14-3-9
14-3-2 Distinguishing Pennants (Pennants of Command) 14-3-10
14-4-1 Flag/General Officer Plates 14-4-3/14-4-4

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