National security

National security

Keeping Canadians safe through counter-terrorism, security screening and protecting critical infrastructure.

Services and information

Our Security, Our Rights

Learn about Canada’s National Security Act, 2017.


Canada’s efforts to counter global and domestic terrorist threats, and promote national peace and security.

Critical infrastructure

How Canada strengthens its essential services through programs and partnerships.

Espionage and Foreign Interference

Learn more about foreign interference and espionage threats to Canada.

Counter proliferation

How Canada and its partners work to counter the increase of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons.

Security screening

Security screening programs for individuals and businesses.

Cyber security

Potential risks of your online activities and how to stay safe when you are connected.

Canada’s national terrorism threat levels

Learn about the terrorism threat levels in Canada and how they help keep Canadians safe.

National Security Transparency Commitment

The Government’s commitment to ensure democratic values are reflected in Government activities to protect Canada.

Research Security

Protecting knowledge and research in Canada

What we are doing


Canadian Travel Number (CTN)

A CTN prevents delays at the airport for travellers who have the same, or similar, name as someone on the Secure Air Travel Act (SATA) list.

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