Federal corrections and parole

Federal corrections and parole

Learn about how a victim can obtain information regarding an offender who has harmed them and about the role victims can play in the federal corrections and parole systems.

Services and information

Victims Portal

A secure online portal that allows registered victims, and/or their named representatives, to access services and information which they are entitled to under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA).

Exercising your rights as a victim

Getting information, finding programs and services, sharing concerns, participating in the process and making a complaint.

Victim registration

Find out how a victim can register to receive information and notifications about the federal offender who harmed them.

Sentence Calculations

Learn how offenders' sentences are calculated, including how dates are determined for temporary absences, releases and parole.

Victim notification

Learn more about what information can be disclosed to a victim under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA).

Victims and the correctional process

Find out about federal corrections and the services provided to victims of federal offenders.

Victim statements

Exercise your right to participate by submitting a victim statement. Learn how information is used throughout the correctional process.

Victims and the parole process

Find out about parole and victims' role in the parole process.

Victim-offender mediation

Learn more about the Restorative Opportunities program that offers victims a chance to communicate with the federal offender who harmed them.

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