Victims Portal

The Victims Portal is a secure online portal that allows registered victims, and/or their named representatives, to access services and information which they are entitled to under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA).

What can I do with the Victims Portal?

The portal will make it easier for you to access information from the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and the Parole Board of Canada (PBC).

Once you have been approved to access the portal, you can request and access specific information concerning the offender who harmed you and manage your preferences for receiving information.

If you have named a representative to receive information on your behalf, the representative can access specific information concerning the offender who harmed you and manage your preferences for receiving information.

You can also:

What do I need to create a Victims Portal account?

To create a Victims Portal account, you will need a valid email account. There are numerous providers of free email accounts including, but not limited to, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail, should you require one.

The sign-in process will require you to use either a secure Sign-In Partner or a GCKey to connect securely online. There is no cost to use either of these:

When you sign-in for the first time on the Victims Portal, you will be prompted to register as a victim or victim representative. You will need to complete the online registration process before you can start accessing information from CSC and PBC on the Portal. A confirmation email will be sent to you if your registration is approved.

I am already registered as a victim with CSC and/or PBC. Can I still request a Victims Portal account?

Yes. Victims already registered with CSC and/or PBC can request a Victims Portal account by signing in to the Victims Portal using your GCKey or through your secure Sign-In Partner. Select "I am already registered with CSC and/or PBC as a victim and would like to view information on this secure website." and enter your information.

Once completed, you will receive notification that your new Victims Portal account is available.

Is the offender notified when I register as a victim on the Victims Portal?

No. Offenders do not have the right to be notified when a victim registers with CSC or PBC.

Note: If you choose to submit information (such as a victim statement), the law requires that we provide the offender with a copy of it as they are entitled to see all information that will be used in decision-making. However, no personal information about you, other than your name, is shared with the offender.

How will the personal information I enter in the Victims Portal be used?

The personal information you provide when creating an account on the Victims Portal will be used to:

Note: If you have named a representative to receive offender information on your behalf, we will contact your representative with any questions regarding your request.

Does the Portal replace the manual notification system?

No. The Victims Portal does not replace the existing process of notifying victims by phone or mail. Instead it provides you with another way to access the information you have requested.If you do not wish to use the Victims Portal, you can continue to receive information from CSC and PBC by mail, phone or fax.

If you are not currently registered with CSC and PBC you can learn more here about information you can receive from CSC and information you can receive from PBC.


For more detailed information about the Victims Portal and how to register please visit the Victims Portal Frequently Asked Questions and Help Center or contact:

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