Exercising your rights as a victim of crime

Learn about the services and programs within the federal corrections and parole system where you can exercise your right to information, protection and participation.

You have a right to information about:

  • the criminal justice system and your role in it;
  • the services and programs available to you, including restorative justice programs; and
  • the offender who harmed you and decisions about the offender returning to the community, including when the offender will be released, to what area and what conditions the offender must follow while being supervised in the community during the rest of the sentence.

For your protection, you have a right to:

  • have your security and privacy needs considered, and
  • have reasonable and necessary measures taken to protect you from retaliation and intimidation from the offender that harmed you.

You have a right to participate by:

  • submitting a victim statement, sharing your views about decisions to be made by federal corrections and the parole authorities; and
  • having your views considered by the Correctional Services of Canada and the Parole Board of Canada.

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