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T4A COVID-19 amounts

Verify your benefit amounts

All CRA-administered COVID-19 benefits for individuals will be included on one T4A slip and each benefit will have its own box number.

T4A COVID-19 benefit box numbers
COVID-19 income sources
Box Description Tags

If you received more than one benefit with the CRA or made repayments, verify your benefit amounts are correct. To confirm the COVID-19 benefit payment amounts received, you can review "COVID-19 Support Payment Application Details" in CRA My Account. This chart will not include any repayments you made.

If you repaid a benefit or paid a tax instalment

If you repaid a CRA COVID-19 benefit in 2020 or paid a T1 tax instalment, your payment may have been allocated to one of your other CRA accounts. Be sure to review all letters and notices you receive from the CRA, including payment summaries, tax slips, and other documents. Confirm the information and amounts are correct.

If you repaid benefit amounts:

  • before December 31, 2020 - repayments should be reflected on your 2020 T4A slip (you won’t pay tax on repaid amounts on your 2020 taxes)
  • after December 31, 2020 - you will be taxed based on the full amount shown on your 2020 T4A slip (repayments will be reported on your 2021 T4A slip and claimed on next year's tax return as a deduction)

If any amounts are incorrect, they can be corrected by calling the CRA. Follow the instructions under Resolve issues with your T4A slip.

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