About multiple formats

We offer our form and guide in multiple formats for persons with a visual impairment. They are available for download from our website in large print, Braille, and etext. They can also be ordered in Braille, etext (CD or 3 1/4 diskette), audio cassette, MP3, or large print format by calling 1-866-586-3839 .

Persons with a visual impairment can also request to receive their personal correspondence from the CRA in an alternate format. For more information, call 1-866-586-3839 .

Braille (BRF)

We provide Braille documents (BRF files) for download from our website in contracted Braille (grade two Braille), formatted to 40 characters per line and 25 lines per page. BRF files are suitable for use in Duxbury, for review on a refreshable Braille display, or for output to a Braille embosser.

Etext (accessible electronic text)

Etext, also known as text-to-speech, is used for voice synthesizers. Etext files can be downloaded and used with common word processors such as Microsoft Word or Notepad.

Etext voice is available on 3 1/4 diskette or CD.

Large print

Letters in large print are 6 mm (1/4 in.) high (18 pt. sans serif font).


  • Our two-track audio cassettes use tone tabs to provide easy access to different sections.
  • Our MP3s can be played using computer software or a handheld audio player.

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