Using new language technologies and machine translation

Read about the Translation Bureau’s approach to and advice on new language technologies and machine translation.

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To use or not to use machine translation, that is the question

The free machine translation tools offered on the Internet are fast and easy to use and they produce impressive results. However, they do have drawbacks that should be kept in mind:

This is why the Translation Bureau recommends that you use these machine translation tools only if:

You can pay to buy and “train” a tool to deliver customized machine translations and ensure the security of your data. But be aware that, in addition to the expense and effort required to set up the tool, you need to devote time and resources to training it continuously to maintain its effectiveness. In addition, professional revision is always recommended if the output will be distributed, since even trained machine translation tools make mistakes.

Are you part of the Government of Canada? Keep it simple: call on the Translation Bureau. Whether you’re looking for effortless translation services that combine technological efficiency with human expertise, or you want to have the machine translations produced by your own tools revised, the Translation Bureau helps you reach for quality.

New language technologies at the Translation Bureau

Despite advances in technology, support from language specialists remains essential to ensure the quality of a translation and compliance with the Official Languages Act. That’s why the Translation Bureau combines the power of technology with the talent of its highly skilled employees to efficiently produce high-quality translations.

The Translation Bureau does much more than just use language technologies:

As the Government of Canada’s centre of excellence in linguistic services and the exclusive employer of translators, terminologists and interpreters in the core public administration, the Translation Bureau puts its know-how at the disposal of federal organizations looking for an easy way to make the most of human expertise and technological efficiency.

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