Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat mandate

Our vision

Better government: with partners, for Canadians

Our mission

Effective people:
Cultivate the federal public service as a model workplace where professional, skilled workers are trained and motivated to serve Canadians.
Effective policies:
Build management frameworks, support proactive risk management, and empower partners to manage resources and report results.
Effective management of the public purse:
Provide guidance so that resources are soundly managed across government with a focus on results and on value for money.

Raison d'être

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, under the leadership of the President of the Treasury Board, is the central agency that acts as the administrative arm of the Treasury Board.

The Treasury Board is a committee of the King's Privy Council for Canada that:

  • acts as the government’s management board
  • provides oversight of the government’s financial management and spending, as well as oversight on human resources issues and digital transformation initiatives
  • is the employer for the public service
  • establishes policies and common standards for administrative, personnel, financial and organizational practices across government
  • fulfills the role of the Committee of Council in approving regulatory policies and regulations, and most orders-in-council

The Treasury Board's mandate is derived from the Financial Administration Act.

Mandate and role

As the administrative arm of the Treasury Board, the Secretariat has a dual mandate: to support the Treasury Board as a committee of ministers and to fulfil the statutory responsibilities of a central government agency.

To fulfill its mandate, the Secretariat organizes its business and resources around 4 core responsibilities:

  • Spending Oversight
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Employer
  • Regulatory Oversight

For information about the core responsibilities, departmental results, departmental result indicators and programs of the Treasury Board Secretariat, consult our Departmental Plan.

For more information about the Secretariat, consult the Reports section of our site.

Meet our senior management

Secretary of the Treasury Board

Secretary of the Treasury Board

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief Information Officer of Canada

Chief Information Officer of Canada

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