Summary of briefing document titles prepared for the President and the Secretary - April 2018

Note to Readers

The briefing document titles listed below were prepared for the President and the Secretary of the Treasury Board. The lists are generated at the end of each month and are a snapshot in time of documents created for that month. In accordance with both the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act, the titles of briefing notes that contain either personal or confidential information, or information related to security, have not been included in this listing. If you find a title of interest, you may make an access to information request in order to obtain the records.

Titles of briefing notes prepared for the President
Tracking# Sector Title Action Required Date received in Secretary’s Office Date signed by Secretary (as of ) Date signed/seen by President (as of )
29961176Expenditure Management SectorUpdate on Departmental Reviews and Improvements to ApproachDecision 
30369491Pensions and Benefits SectorPortions of the Public Service General Divestiture Regulations Decision 
30543202Chief Information Officer BranchNational Public Service Week 2018Signature
30619528Government Operations SectorRedactedSignature
30633480Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs SectorGovernment Response to the Twelfth Report of the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates Entitled Reaching Canadians with Effective AdvertisingSignature
30633703Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs SectorGovernment Response to the Thirty -Sixth Report of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts Entitled Report 1 Management of Fraud Risk of the Spring 2017 Reports of the Auditor General Signature
International Affairs, Security and Justice SectorInteractive Advance Passenger Information and Electronic Travel Authorization Joint Quantitative Report Signature
30535326Governance, Planning and Policy SectorAnnual Report on Official Languages 2016-17 Signature 
30667560Government Operations SectorRedactedSignature 
30190749Priorities and Planning SectorUpdate to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's 2018-19 Departmental PlanSignature
30696721Regulatory Affairs SectorRedactedSignature
30616797International Affairs, Security and Justice SectorRedactedDecision
30859497Chief Information Officer BranchRedactedSignature 
30251768International Affairs, Security and Justice SectorRedactedSignature
30391769Compensation and Labour Relations SectorRedactedSignature
30620095Pensions and Benefits SectorDissolution of PPP Canada Inc. Amendments to Schedule I of the Public Service Superannuation Act Signature 
30554268Pensions and Benefits SectorRecommendations to Amend the Supplementary Death Benefit Regulations Signature 
30760719Priorities and Planning SectorThe Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development's Spring 2018 Report Information 
30705031Corporate Services SectorEmergency Delegation of Sections 33 and 34 Authorities for Departmental Salary Expenditures Signature
30555080Pensions and Benefits SectorCertificate of Appointment for a New Member of the Public Service Pension Advisory Committee Signature 
30322291Compensation and Labour Relations SectorExtending Interim Measures for Collective Bargaining and Essential Services Until Bill C-62 Receives Royal AssentSignature 
30619604Associate Secretary's OfficeRedactedSignature
30718315Economic SectorProposed Approval of Smart Cities Challenge Performance Measurement StrategySignature 
30912909Chief Information Officer BranchDevelopment of a Digital PolicyInformation 
30298960Governance, Planning and Policy SectorProposed Amendments to the Official Languages Regulations Decision 
Titles of briefing notes prepared for the Secretary
Tracking# Sector Title Action Required Date received in Secretary’s office (as of )
30338939Compensation and Labour Relations SectorRedactedApproval
30470951Compensation and Labour Relations SectorResponse to Complaint Under Section 190 of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act filed by the National Police FederationInformation
30533484Priorities and Planning SectorBuilding and Implementing Phoenix - DM DraftApproval
30584896Chief Information Officer BranchMeeting with William D. EggersInformation
30390626Human Resources DivisionParticipation of (Redacted) in Ivey Leadership ProgramApproval
30548477Economic SectorLand Acquisition in Infrastructure Canada Programs Information
N/AAssociate Secretary's OfficeRedactedApproval
N/AHuman Resources DivisionApproval of the EX-05 (Redacted) Letter of Offer Confirmation letter for the Appointment of Aaron Snow as CEO of Canadian Digital ServiceApproval
30557351Corporate Services SectorFinancial Signing Authority cards for Luc RobitailleApproval
30603118Chief Information Officer BranchSecurity Event Information Sharing ProtocolApproval
30632853Economic SectorRedactedInformation
30677377Economic SectorBackground on the Acquisition of Icebreakers by the Canadian Coast GuardInformation
30666143Priorities and Planning SectorApproval to Send TBS's Deputy Minister 2018-19 Performance ManagementApproval
30552814Expenditure Management SectorReply to RCMPApproval
30614132Corporate Services SectorFinancial Signing Authority - Alex BenayApproval
30706220Economic SectorRedactedInformation
30506450International Affairs, Security and Justice SectorOffice of the Director of Public Prosecutions - Investment PlanSignature
30494619Corporate Services SectorFinancial Signing Authority - Maureen CrockerSignature
30497165Corporate Services SectorFinancial Signing AuthoritySignature
30671720Corporate Services SectorManagement of the TBS Departmental Reserve 2018-2019Approval
30551270Compensation and Labour Relations SectorNegotiations on collective bargaining agreements Approval
30504653Pensions and Benefits SectorOffice of the Auditor General - Audit of 2018 Public Service Pension Plan financial statementsSignature
30806723International Affairs, Security and Justice SectorLetter to the new Commissioner of the RCMPApproval
30621745Chief Information Officer BranchDevelopment of a Digital PolicyInformation
30810339Internal Audit and Evaluation BureauTraining Authorization for (Redacted)Approval
30629092Economic SectorRedactedApproval
30610934Governance, Planning and Policy SectorObligations for federal institutions operating in Nunavut to use and provide services in the Inuit Languages (Inukitut and Inuinnaqtun)Approval
30846221Corporate Services SectorHospitality Request for CSS Management Retreat Approval
30859331Social and Cultural SectorApproval for Special Leave Without Pay - (Redacted)Approval
30809650Human Resources DivisionRequest for individual language training - (Redacted)Approval
30786974Corporate Services SectorFinancial Signing Authority Card for Lori ChuSignature
30891815Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs SectorAmendments to Mandatory Procedures for Social Media and Web CommunicationsApproval
30614505Chief Information Officer BranchDevelopment of a Data Strategy for the Government of CanadaApproval
30896365International Affairs, Security and Justice SectorRedactedApproval
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