Summary of briefing document titles prepared for the President and the Secretary - March 2018

Note to Readers

The briefing document titles listed below were prepared for the President and the Secretary of the Treasury Board. The lists are generated at the end of each month and are a snapshot in time of documents created for that month. In accordance with both the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act, the titles of briefing notes that contain either personal, confidential or information related to security have not been included in this listing. If you find a title of interest, you may make an access to information request in order to obtain the records.

Titles of briefing notes prepared for the President
Tracking# Sector Title Action Required Date received in Secretary’s Office Date signed by Secretary (as of ) Date signed/seen by President (as of )
30214317Compensation and Labour Relations SectorREDACTEDSignature
30241544Chief Information Officer BranchCanada’s Next National Action Plan on Open GovernmentDecision 
30021108Governance, Planning and Policy SectorAnnual Report on Employment Equity in the Public Service 2016-2017Signature
30190749Priorities and Planning SectorTreasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s 2018-19 Departmental PlanSignature 
30280619Economic SectorUpdate on Gordie Howe International Bridge Project (GHIB)Information 
30161007Compensation and Labour Relations SectorREDACTEDSignature
30064143Pensions and Benefits SectorCandidates for the Board of Directors of the Public Sector Pension Investment BoardSignature 
30200265Priorities and Planning SectorTreasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Regulatory Plan 2018-2020Decision 
30221927Pensions and Benefits SectorREDACTEDSignature
30312245Compensation and Labour Relations SectorREDACTEDSignature
30237013Pensions and Benefits SectorAppointments to the Public Service Group Insurance Boards of ManagementSignature 
30294774Governance, Planning and Policy SectorMany Voices One Mind A Pathway to Reconciliation Final Report of the Interdepartmental Circles on Indigenous RepresentationInformation 
30372287Social and Cultural SectorMetis Nation Permanent Bilateral Mechanism Leaders MeetingMeeting 
30305692Corporate Services SectorTreasury Board of Canada Secretariat 2018-19 Main EstimatesInformation 
30378819Priorities and Planning SectorLaunch of Revised Guidance for Crown CorporationsInformation 
30397815Expenditure Management SectorTabling of the 2018-19 Departmental PlansSignature 
30179622Office of the Comptroller GeneralREDACTEDDecision
30458126Regulatory Affairs SectorCall with Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Mangement and BudgetMeeting
30002181Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs SectorMeeting with Gerry McGovernInformation  
29346358Regulatory Affairs SectorREDACTEDSignature  
30164976Corporate Services SectorFinancial Signing Authority Delegation Document for Peter WallaceSignature
30485193Executive Management and Leadership Development SectorREDACTEDSignature 
30391769Compensation and Labour Relations SectorREDACTEDSignature  
30396000Chief Information Officer BranchRequest for Approval Chief Information Officer Summit 2018Signature  
30369491Pensions and Benefits SectorPortions of the Public Service General Divestiture RegulationsDecision  
30499503Human Resources Management Transformation SectorREDACTEDSignature
30379689Office of the Comptroller GeneralRenewal of Departmental Audit Committee MembersDecision 
Titles of briefing notes prepared for the Secretary
Tracking# Sector Title Action Required Date received in Secretary’s office (as of )
30133145Compensation and Labour Relations SectorNational Joint Council Travel Directive - Effective April 1, 2018 Appendix C: Canada/USA and Appendix D: InternationalSignature
2986770Pensions and Benefits SectorBriefing Note (BN) 2014 Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) Memorandum of UnderstandingApproval
30129858Pensions and Benefits SectorPublic Service Pension Plan - Early Retirement Pension Reduction Waiver for Senate of Canada Employee [REDACTED]Approval
30203765Governance, Planning and Policy SectorAmendment to the Terms and Conditions of Employment for StudentsApproval
30063621Chief Information Officer BranchUpdate of Published Direction Related to Cloud Adoption in the Government of Canada: Strategy, IT and Security Policy Implementation NoticesApproval
30247374Chief Information Officer BranchCanada’s 2018 Contribution to the Open Government PartnershipApproval
29797271Executive Management and Leadership Development SectorSecretary’s Response Letter on Training Program for Senior Federal Government ExecutivesSignature
30172260Office of the Comptroller GeneralPublic Accounts of Canada 2018 Audit - Questions on Risks of Fraud and ErrorSignature
30217716Priorities and Planning SectorOffice of the Auditor General (OAG) Commentary on the 2016-17 Financial AuditsSignature
30294774Governance, Planning and Policy SectorMany Voices One Mind: A Pathway to Reconciliation, Final Report of the Interdepartmental Circles on Indigenous RepresentationInformation
30063621Chief Information Officer BranchUpdate of Published Direction Related to Cloud Adoption in the Government of Canada: Strategy, IT and Security Policy Implementation NoticesApproval
30120857Corporate Services SectorAnnual General Meeting for Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO) Council May 4, 2018Approval
29947063Corporate Services SectorReimbursement of 2018 Annual Membership FeesApproval
30268006Compensation and Labour Relations SectorMeeting of the Governance Committee on Scientific IntegrityApproval
30228022Compensation and Labour Relations SectorApproval of kilometric rates - Effective April 1, 2018Approval
30355249 2018-19 Departmental Plan - Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying (OCL)Signature
30373656Office of the Chief Human Resources OfficerREDACTEDInformation
n/aHuman Resources DivisionImplementation of Canada’s Free Agent Program at TBSApproval
30287193Corporate Services Sector2018-19 Future-Oriented Statement of OperationsApproval
30373245Corporate Services SectorSupport University Degree for [REDACTED] EX-01, at [REDCATED] UniversityApproval
30314265Priorities and Planning SectorTreasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s 2018-19 Departmental Plan - Supplementary Information TablesApproval
30325721Priorities and Planning SectorTrip to United Kingdom - April 28 to May 5, 2018Approval
30383256Priorities and Planning SectorRenewal of TBS’ institutional membership with Public Policy Forum, C.D. Howe Institute and Institute for Public Administration (Fiscal Year 2018-19)Approval
30376481Priorities and Planning SectorApproval of Revised Guidance for Crown CorporationsApproval
30304016Compensation and Labour Relations SectorMeeting with Debi Daviau - Update on key Issues pertaining to the Professional Insitute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) - March 19, 2018Approval
30174478Corporate Services SectorRequest for approval of 2017-2018 Third Quarter financial forecast reallocationsApproval
n/aHuman Resources DivisionLabour Management Consultation Committee Minutes January 29, 2018Approval
n/aHuman Resources DivisionEX-03 LoO Natalie Lalonde within Internal Audit and Evaluation Burean (IAEB)Approval
n/aHuman Resources DivisionEX-01 LoO acting of Lucie Ouellette within International Affairs, Security and Justice Sector (IASJ)Approval
30400410Governance, Planning and Policy SectorMemo to Secretary for Meeting with Debi Daviau on Diversity and InclusionApproval
30379058Chief Information Officer BranchConsulting with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner on amendments to the Directive on Privacy Requests and Correction of Personal InformationApproval
30251907Corporate Services SectorFinancial Signing Authority - Kasi McMickingApproval
30394729Expenditure Management SectorPolicy on Results: Approval of program inventoriesApproval
30449333International Affairs, Security and Justice SectorREDACTEDApproval
30392675Associate Secretary’s OfficeLetter to Deputy Ministers on the Greening Government StrategyApproval
30308686Governance, Planning and Policy SectorAmendment to the directive on Interchange CanadaApproval
30363754Compensation and Labour Relations SectorCanadian Merchant Service Guild - Phoenix implementation issuesInformation
30449380Compensation and Labour Relations Sector[REDACTED] Status Update and Proposed Next StepsApproval
30523958Social and Cultural SectorREDACTEDInformation
30504778Expenditure Management SectorNew Financial Table Allocating Funding by Program in Treasury Board SubmissionsApproval
30555647Chief Information Officer BranchVisit to Redmond and Seattle, Washington April 9-12, 2018Approval
30502384Corporate Services SectorProactive Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality for Senior Level Employees for December 2, 2017 top March 1, 2018Approval
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