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This service is for Government of Canada ATIP practitioners to access ATIP Online

If you are an individual wishing to make an ATIP request you should go to the ATIP Online Request Service.

Make a secure account

ATIP Online takes the security of Canadians’ personal information very seriously. To access ATIP digital services for your institution you will need your own individual account. Your account will allow you access only to your institution’s profile and associated requests.

ATIP practitioner accounts for ATIP Online are secured with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

How to create an ATIP account

Acquire your secure code

Sign in with Sign-in Canada

Secure your account

Step 1: Acquire your secure code

To access your institution’s dashboard, you will first need a security code provided by your manager. If you are unsure who is the authorizing representative for your organization, you can reach out to the ATIP Online Client Support team for help.

Step 2: Sign in with Sign-in Canada

Your first factor of authentication is offered through Sign-in Canada, the Government of Canada’s online authentication broker service. It will direct you to create an account with GCKey

  • If you already have a GCKey account for personal use, we strongly suggest you create a new account for work-related activities only
  • If you do not have a GCKey account, you will need to create one by following the steps on screen

Once you are signed-in, you will be prompted to secure your account.

Step 3: Secure your account

ATIP Online uses multi-factor authentication to secure your account with a security token.

You can either use a physical security token or set up your phone to act as one using an authentication app.

About multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a way to confirm users by using a combination of two different factors:

  1. something they know (for example, a password)
  2. something they have (for example, a physical object)

Think of it like a locked door that needs both a key and a keypad code to open – someone pretending to be you might get the keypad code but without the key in your pocket the door still won’t open. To register, you must download an authenticator app (free of charge) to your phone or tablet or desktop that generates a security code, also called “time-based one-time password” (TOTP).

Once the app is installed, you will be prompted to scan a QR code through the authenticator app, or you can choose to manually enter a code provided on the screen. The authenticator app will automatically scan the QR code and add the ATIP Online account and prompt you to enter a six-digit code to continue the registration of the MFA process.

The code changes every thirty seconds and your ATIP Online account will only ever accept the code generated from that app on that device – that’s what makes it like a physical key that can’t be duplicated by someone pretending to be you online.

Support and training

For assistance in getting access to ATIP Online Management Tools, or if you require training with the service, you should contact the ATIP Online client support team.

The client support team provides assistance to practitioners for the online service such as:

  • Getting your secure access code
  • Training and training guides
  • Technical help with accessing the system
  • Technical support with the e-delivery service
  • Refunds for online requests

Please Note: the client support team can only provide assistance with the online service. If you have questions related to policy or interpretation of the guidelines and directives, please contact the policy centers for access to information and privacy at Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

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