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Executive (EX)


Executive (EX) Group Definition

Pursuant to section 101 of the Public Service Reform Act, the Treasury Board of Canada hereby provides notice that the following definition shall apply to the Executive Group effective .

The Executive Group comprises positions located no more than three hierarchical levels below the Deputy or Associate Deputy level and that have significant executive managerial or executive policy roles and responsibilities or other significant influence on the direction of a department or agency. Positions in the Executive Group are responsible and accountable for exercising executive managerial authority or providing recommendations and advice on the exercise of that authority.


Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, for greater certainty, it includes positions that have, as their primary purpose, responsibility for one or more of the following activities:

  1. managing programs authorized by an Act of Parliament, or an Order-in-Council, or major or significant functions or elements of such programs;
  2. managing substantial scientific or professional activities;
  3. providing recommendations on the development of significant policies, programs or scientific, professional or technical activities; and
  4. exercising a primary influence over the development of policies or programs for the use of human, financial or material resources in one or more major organizational units or program activities in the Public Service.


Positions excluded from the Executive Group are those whose primary purpose is included in the definition of any other group.

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