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Law Management (LC)


Law Management (LC) Group Definition

Pursuant to paragraph 11.1(1)(b) of the Financial Administration Act, the Treasury Board of Canada hereby provides notice that the definition of the Law Group, effective , as published in Part I of the Canada Gazette on , is amended and replaced by the following definition that shall apply to the Law Management (LC) Group effective .

The Law Management Occupational Group comprises positions that are primarily involved in the application of a comprehensive knowledge of the law and its practice in the management of legal functions, with accountability for exercising delegated authority over human and financial resources.


Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, for greater certainty, it includes positions that have, as their primary purpose, responsibility for the following activities:

  1. providing legal advice on the development, direction, conduct or management of programs or services; and
  2. managing legal programs or services and determining the nature and priority of objectives and resources committed to their achievement within and across organizations.


Positions excluded from the Law Management Occupational Group are those whose primary purpose is included in the definition of any other group.

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