Submitting a complaint about partisanship in Government of Canada advertising

We are committed to ensuring that Government of Canada advertising meets the advertising review criteria. If you have seen or heard an ad that you think is partisan, you can submit a complaint to the Government of Canada.

All other questions or comments about Government of Canada advertising not related to partisanship, should be submitted through Public Services and Procurement Canada’s contact form.

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How to submit a complaint

Complaints are submitted through an online form. To complete the form, you will need to:

  • Select which of the advertising review criteria were not followed
  • Indicate where you noticed the ad (for example, date, location and media type such as on social media, television, etc.)
  • Include an electronic image or scan of the ad, if possible
  • Describe the ad

Submit your complaint online

Other ways to submit your complaint

If you are unable to complete the online form, you may contact Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s General and Technical Enquiries.

What happens to your complaint

Complaints will be reviewed by a Government of Canada review committee. Findings of the review committee will be posted four times a year. Complaints unrelated to partisanship in Government of Canada advertising will not be posted. Individuals submitting a complaint will not be identified.

Due to the anonymous nature of this process, we will not reply to individuals regarding the status of complaints.

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