Direction and Area Signs

These technical specifications (T-625) set out the requirements for direction and area signs. These signs indicate the direction to or the location of a facility, service, organizational unit, workstation, room, etc. Direction signs are placed near decision points or along routes to a particular location. Area signs identify the destination. A variety of materials and fabrication methods are used in creating these signs.

Consult your Federal Identity Program coordinator for more information.

Figure T-625: Illustration of various direction and area identification signs.
Illustration of various direction and area identification signs.



  1. The background of the sign is dark grey with white text in a Helvetica medium typeface.
  2. All information is presented in a bilingual side-by-side format.
  3. French is positioned to the left of English only on direction and area signs in the province of Quebec.
  4. Direction is indicated with a white directional arrow.


  1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or equally durable material is used for the sign.
  2. Die-cut vinyl is used for text and directional arrows.
  3. Signs are affixed with a durable adhesive material.

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