Federal Identity Program technical specifications

Note to reader

The Federal Identity Program Manual is in the process of being replaced by the Design Standard for the Federal Identity Program. During the transition, some sections of the technical specifications will remain in effect.

Until such time that the transition is complete, the technical specifications below remain in effect:

  • Partnering
  • Signage
  • Stationery
  • Vehicles

Information regarding official social media accounts is available in the design standard and the Principal Publisher’s prescribed processes (accessible only on the Government of Canada network).

The Government of Canada's visual identity is applied to all products, material equipment and real property, as well as to all programs, services and communications activities, in Canada and abroad. A departmental signature (or the Government of Canada signature) and the Canada Wordmark are used for all government applications.

The following is a series of technical specifications related to the corporate identity of the Government of Canada. The specifications are designed to complement information in the relevant policies and standards approved by the Treasury Board (TB), particularly the Federal Identity Program Manual. These specifications do not replace the Manual or the other policy instruments, but aim to consolidate, simplify and update the requirements, to facilitate the work of FIP coordinators in departments.

If there is a discrepancy between an official Treasury Board (TB) policy instrument and information on these Web pages, the Treasury Board policy or standard prevails.

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