All Government of Canada owned or leased vehicles and equipment are subject to Federal Identity Program corporate identity requirements. This applies to markings for motor vehicles, aircraft and vessels; and special-purpose vehicles and mobile equipment (including all-terrain vehicles, small watercraft, construction and maintenance equipment, and railway hopper cars).

Managing the identification of vehicles is part of the corporate identity function of a department. Vehicles used for the delivery of government programs and services represent a significant aspect of a department’s identity. The identification of vehicles should be based on functional and operational requirements, and reflect the corporate goals of the department.

Overview of requirements for vehicles

1. Technical specifications

All Government of Canada vehicles must comply with requirements in the Federal Identity Program Policy and the Federal Identity Program Manual, and be clearly identified with a signature and the Canada Wordmark. The requirements for vehicle markings are found in the following technical specifications:

2. Responsibility

Deputy heads are accountable for implementing Treasury Board policies within their department. Heads of communications are responsible for the effective management of the Government of Canada's corporate identity in their department. This includes coordinating the use of the official symbols based on mandatory specifications in all fields of application.

3. Official symbols

The official symbols of the Government of Canada are used to identify Government of Canada vehicles, whether they are owned or leased. Departments use only symbols that have been approved by Treasury Board ministers for vehicles.

Departments that do not have an approved applied title use the Government of Canada signature until the required approvals have been received.

4. Other marks, symbols or graphic elements

Text markings are applied to a vehicle when it is necessary to indicate the vehicle's function, or the authority of its occupants. Certain vehicles such as ambulances and search and rescue vehicles are identified by markings specifically designed for the vehicle or by using a service title. Safety markings and fleet numbering may be applied at the discretion of the department.

However, the Federal Identity Program Policy prohibits departments from using logos without prior approval of Treasury Board ministers. This applies to all logos used to identify a department's programs, services, assets, products, and internal and external activities.

5. Order of official languages

General requirements for the order of official languages are detailed in T-125 - Official Languages in Signatures. Within the National Capital Region, signatures on motor vehicles that operate regularly in both Quebec and Ontario may alternate the order of official languages on the opposing doors of the vehicle.

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