Guidance for Crown Corporations

Find information on Crown corporations’ accountability relationships in addition to processes and mechanisms for planning and reporting, communications and disclosures, audit and examinations, and training for directors.

Overview of Federal Crown Corporations and their Legislation

Explore the inventory of federal Crown corporations, enabling statutes and other policies

Corporate Planning, Budgets and Reporting

Find information on the preparation of corporate plans, summaries, and amendments in addition to operating and capital budgets

Roles and Responsibilities

Learn about Crown corporations’ accountability relationships

Financial Management

Find information about internal controls and financial risk management

Audit and Examinations

Learn about audits and assessments of Crown corporations

Internal Management and Oversight

Learn about performance management, compensation and ethics in Crown corporations

Training for Directors

Find information about training for Crown corporation directors

GCcampus, the Canada School of the Public Service’s online learning platform, offers the following courses for directors of Crown Corporations. To access these courses, simply login to your GCcampus account.

Tools and Resources

Learn about the available tools and resources for Crown corporations

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