Information Bulletin – November 5, 1991

Date: 5 November 1991

To: Directors of Personnel, Chiefs of Classification, Heads of Bargaining Agents and Treasury Board (Internal)

Subject: Classification Instructions as per April 29, 1991 Decision of the Human Rights Tribunal – Hospital Services Group Operational Category.


  1. The Secretary of the Treasury Board has authorized certain classification measures in accordance with the April 29, 1991 Decision of the Human Rights Tribunal. This Decision follows the July 15, 1985 Consent Order of the Tribunal respecting a complaint under Sections 7, 10 and 11 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA).
  2. This Bulletin represents those directives applicable to the classification of Hospital Services (HS) positions and constitutes the Employer’s implementation of the Tribunal Decision in this respect. Equalization adjustments under the CHRA will be addressed in a future Information Bulletin.

Hospital services classifications standard of July 1989

  1. Effective immediately, the revised Classification Standard for the Hospital Services (HS) Group, Operational Category, issued in July 1989, is rescinded and is not to be used for purposes of classifying positions, other than for determining group and sub-group allocation until such time as a new HS Classification Standard is issued. Since the standard of July 1989 superseded and replaced the previous standard dated December 1966, this latter standard was voided and must also not be used to classify positions.
  2. The revised Classification Standard for the HS Group, issued in July 1989, had a retroactive effective date of July 27, 1987. Consequently, all encumbered positions which have been classified using this standard as of July 27, 1987 are implicated.
  3. A new HS Classification Standard will be issued in accordance with the Human Rights Tribunal Order of April 29, 1991, which will be identical to the General Services (GS) Classification Standard.

Interim measures

  1. Instructions for evaluation of HS positions under the GS Classification Standard
    1. Effective immediately and until the new HS Classification Standard is issued, all requests for classification of positions allocated to the HS Group are to be evaluated using the Classification Standard for the GS Group. For example, an HS position rated at the GS-03 level will become HS-03. All HS employees will, however, continue to be paid according to the HS collective agreement. Any adjustments to rates of pay following a change in level are to be calculated according to its provisions.
    2. The results of evaluation of an HS position are to be documented on the Classification Action Form TB 330-167 in accordance with instructions found in Volume 3, Chapter 2-2, Annex B7 of the Personnel Management Manual (Amended Version 89-1). Under "Remarks" (Block 23), the following information should be included: "Classified using the GS Classification Standard".
    3. Chiefs of Classification in departments are responsible for ensuring that employees receive an explanation in writing of any changes in their classification pursuant to a classification decision under this Information Bulletin.
    4. Normal classification grievance procedures apply for persons employed in an HS position who have their position classified under the GS Classification Standard.

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