Operational Services Collective Agreement


To: Chiefs of Staff Relations Compensation Managers

This bulletin is to advise you of an amendment to Article 27, Shift and Weekend Premiums of the Operational Services (SV) Collective Agreement.

The Employer and the Bargaining Agent agree that the Exclusions portion of Article 27 of the SV Collective Agreement, signed on with an expiry date of , should be read as follows:

  • Article 27: Shift and Weekend Premiums
  • Exclusions

This article does not apply to the FR, LI and SC Groups.

Clause 27.01, Shift Premium does not apply to employees working hours of work not defined as a shift, covered by clause 25.02, Article 28 or clauses 2.02 and 2.03 of Appendix B; clauses 2.01 and 2.02 of Appendix C, clauses 2.03 and 2.04 of Appendix D, clauses 2.01 and 2.02 of Appendix E, and clause 1.01 of Appendix H.

This amendment is in effect for the duration of the present collective agreement.

If you require additional information, please address your questions to our interpretations mailbox at Contact Interpretations by E-mail Interpretations@tbs-sct.gc.ca

Marc Thibodeau
A/Senior Director
Compensation Management,
Core Public Administration
Compensation and Labour Relations
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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