Program and Administrative Services – 34.05 (b) Vacation Scheduling


To: Heads of Human Resources, Directors / Chiefs of Labour, Relations and Compensation

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide additional information regarding the use of years of service in scheduling vacation leave in accordance with the current collective agreement for the Program and Administrative Services (PA) group.

As previously indicated, the new provision related to the use of years of service for the approval of vacation leave is in effect since March 1, 2011.

This new provision strictly applies in instances where there are more vacation leave requests received for the summer and winter leave periods than can be approved due to operational requirements. In accordance with sub-paragraph 34.05 (b), years of service shall then be used as the determining factor for granting such requests.

During the summer leave period, the use of the years of service as a determining factor is only applicable to a maximum of two weeks per employee. The additional requests can be granted on a "first come" "first serve" basis, or on any other reasonable method established by the delegated manager.

Although the Employer has no obligation, under this new provision to send a call letter requesting employees to submit their leave requests, delegated managers must respond by May 1st, for summer leave requests received by April 15th and by October 1st, for winter holiday season requests received by September 15th, as specified in sub-paragraph 34.05 (b) (i) of the agreement.

Departmental Compensation and Labour Relations Managers should direct their questions to their appropriate corporate officials who, if need be, may contact us at: Contact Interpretations by E-mail

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