Revised Law Management (LC) Qualification Standard


To: Heads of Human Resources

c.c.: Chiefs of Staffing and Chiefs of Classification

Subject: Revised Law Management (LC) Qualification Standard

The purpose of this bulletin is to advise departments and agencies of the recently approved update to the Law Management (LC) Qualification Standard. The revised standard takes effect on .

The changes include updated Key Leadership Competencies (KLCs) to reflect changes to the KLC Profile approved by the Clerk of the Privy Council for federal public service executives and senior leaders in , new mandatory experience requirements, updated acquired rights (grand-parenting provisions) and deeming provisions for appointees to the group.

These amendments are the result of consultations with user departments. The updates will ensure that the minimum requirements for appointment to a position in the Law Management Group reflect the complexity and challenge of federal public service leadership roles while leveraging available efficiencies in appointment processes.


The updated key leadership competencies are to be applied in accordance with the 2015 Key Leadership Competency profile. The updated LC qualification standard will be posted on the Treasury Board Secretariat Qualification Standards website. A series of Questions and Answers to provide information on the application of the new LC Qualification Standard are posted on the Qualification Standards page on GCPedia.

The updated LC Qualification Standard must be used for any selection processes begun on or after the date of implementation. Selection processes which were started prior to the effective date of the amended LC Qualification Standard will be subject to the LC Qualification Standard in effect prior to .


All questions pertaining to this information bulletin should be directed to your Departmental Corporate Staffing representative, who, if required, will forward questions to the Qualification Standards team within the Workforce Organization and Classification group at the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Assistant Deputy Minister
Compensation and Labour Relations
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Sandra Hassan

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