Return of Contributions

If you have been employed with the public service for less than two years, have been contributing to the public service pension plan and resign voluntarily, you are only entitled to a return of your contributions with interest.

The interest rate is calculated at the Public Service Pension Fund rate of return of the previous year or zero per cent, whichever is greater and is compounded quarterly, to the end of the quarter preceding the date of payment.

Two years from the date on which you began to make contributions to the public service pension plan, your contributions are locked in. This means that you are entitled to more than simply a return of your contributions.

If you leave the public service with a return of contributions and then become re-employed in the federal public service on or after , you will be covered under the post-2013 pension plan terms (eligible to receive an unreduced pension at age 65 with at least two years of pensionable service, or at 60 with 30 years of pensionable service).

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