Relocation for work

The National Joint Council’s NJC Relocation Directive provides information on reimbursement of reasonable expenses for an authorized relocation.

The directive was co-developed by participating bargaining agents and public service employers. It applies to:

  • All departments and other institutions of the public service listed in Schedules I and IV of the Financial Administration Act; and
  • Any employer listed in Schedule V of the Financial Administration Act that is a member of the National Joint Council and that has opted to follow the NJC Relocation Directive.

The aim of relocation is to relocate an employee efficiently, at the most reasonable cost to the public, with minimal detriment to the employee and his or her family and to departmental operations.

The RCMP and the Canadian Armed Forces each have separate relocation policies for their members. Many of the provisions contained in these policies are similar to those in the NJC Relocation Directive.

Public service employees who have questions regarding relocation provisions should contact their Departmental National Coordinator.

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