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Available funding

A goal of the Indigenous Fund is to continue supporting community based monitoring in the oil sands region by allowing new communities an opportunity to access the Fund, while providing opportunity for continued funding to current recipients. Management of the Fund will be responsive and adaptive to changing conditions, and therefore may change from year-to-year.

The total amount of funding available under this program is up to $2 million annually. Owing to currently funded multi-year projects, there is $968,002 in funding available for new projects in 2022-2023. A project can run from one to three years. In general, projects are supported in the range of $150,000 per year. 

Communities that have received funding for three years must reapply to the Fund if they wish to be considered for further funding.  Recipients that have already received three years of funding may be eligible to receive a maximum of 50% of the initial agreement (year 1) for each of an additional two years, subject to annual approval.  

  • Collecte des normes et des protocoles de surveillance des sables bitumineux Canada-Alberta partenaires (en anglais seulement)

Plan de surveillance de l’environnement intégré des sables bitumineux

Rapport du groupe consultatif fédéral

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