6 Intelligence Company

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E Tenebris Lux
From darkness, light

MGen B.M. Hoffmeister Building
Vancouver Garrison 4th floor
1755 W. 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 0G7
17 Wing
Building 66
East Street
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3Y5
Jefferson Armouries
11630-109 Street
Edmonton, AB T5G 2T8

Army Reserve

Graphic: Joanna Gajdicar

Join Our Team

Looking for full-time or part-time work? We are hiring and provide excellent career opportunities. Please do not hesitate to call or email our recruiter who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and provide direction on how to apply to our Regiment.

Our Team Recruiter

Name: Second Lieutenant F.D.S Vorreiter
Email: 6-INT@forces.gc.ca

Vancouver - 39 CBG Recruiting
Phone: 604-225-2520, Ext. 2470

Edmonton - 41 CBG Recruiting
: 780-973-4011, Ext. 1474 or 780-310-2769

Calgary - 41 CBG Recruiting
Phone: 780-310-2769

Winnipeg - 38CBG Recruiting
Phone: 204-786-4300, Ext. 3345

Or contact

Email: 6-INT@forces.gc.ca
Find a recruiting centre near you.

When We Train

September to June:

  • Once a week, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.,
    • Vancouver: Tuesday Evenings
    • Edmonton: Tuesday Evenings
    • Calgary: Wednesday Evenings
    • Winnipeg: Tuesday Evenings
  • One weekend per month; and
  • One week long training exercise during the summer.

Full-time summer employment is available from May to August.

Trades In Our Unit


As Intelligence Operators and Intelligence Officers with the Primary Reserve, our primary and day-to-day tools are desktop and notebook computers, networking components, mapping tools, and an array of software applications. Our computing and networking equipment can be dismounted, meaning we can operate out of office-style environments, or mounted, meaning we can operate out of specialized vehicles in the field and other deployed locations.

We might focus on military intelligence, but we are trained as soldiers first. This means that, in addition to the tools we use for military intelligence, we also regularly train our army field craft and complete the Army Individual Battle Task Standard components including on the C7A2 5.56-mm Automatic Rifle and the Browning 9-mm Pistol.

See a list of Canadian Army weapons and vehicles.

6 Intelligence Company is a Primary Reserve component of the 3rd Canadian Division of the Canadian Armed Forces. Unique among the intelligence companies of the Primary Reserve, 6 Intelligence Company has Platoons in three different provinces. We work part-time and parade (train) out of Vancouver (4 Platoon), Winnipeg (5 Platoon), Edmonton (6 Platoon), and Calgary (7 Platoon). Our Company Headquarters is co-located with 6 Platoon at the Jefferson Armouries in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our primary role is to support Reserve- and Regular Force Commanders by providing timely and accurate intelligence products pertaining to an area of operations. Such intelligence may include information on weather, opposing forces, and terrain.

Another important aspect of our work is supporting civilian emergency personnel during environmental challenges such as wildfires, earthquakes, and floods. In these types of domestic operations, Primary Reserve Intelligence Officers and Intelligence Operators support civilian emergency services through activities including terrain mapping and weather analysis.

The Canadian Forces employs Reserve Intelligence Operators & Intelligence Officers who train regularly to augment their Regular Force counterparts in order to support domestic & foreign missions at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

Military Intelligence staffs are primarily tasked with analyzing the enemy threat, weather & terrain while keeping their commander and other friendly forces informed of the constantly changing situation. Intelligence branch members collect information from a variety of sources, and then process and disseminate it through various products.

When you join our unit, you will receive competitive pay for your part time or full time work as well as be eligible for on the job training that could benefit you in civilian life. Also, there are medical, dental and educational benefits available to Army Reservists.

Here are all the details:

  • Commanding Officer - Major D.S. Kempton
  • Deputy Commanding Officer - Captain K.W. Wilkinson
  • Sergeant Major - Master Warrant Officer C.T. Thombs

4 Platoon

MGen B.M. Hoffmeister Building
Vancouver Garrison, 4th floor
1755 W. 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 0G7

5 Platoon

17 Wing
Building 66, East Street
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3Y5

6 Platoon
Jefferson Armouries
11630-109 Street
Edmonton, AB T5G 2T8

Email: 6-INT@forces.gc.ca

7 Platoon

Mewata Armoury
801 – 11 St SW
Calgary, AB T2P 2C4

Soliders on snowmobiles at night

Operation NANOOK-NUNALIVUT builds readiness and respect

Tuktoyaktuk and Inuvik, Northwest Territories — Climate change and technological advancements are two of the main factors making the Arctic increasingly accessible, and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) must be ready for potential safety and security issues as activity in the region increases.
March 8, 2022

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