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CAJ Volume 20, no. 1, 2023

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Foreword by Brigadier-General N. D. (Nic) Stanton, OMM, MSM, CD
Brigadier-General N. D. (Nic) Stanton, OMM, MSM, CD (PDF 170.9 KB)

Foreword by Colonel Benoit Mainville, CD
Colonel Benoit Mainville, CD (PDF 133.7 KB)

Foreword by Chief Warrant Officer M. D. (Michael) Egan, MMM, CD
Chief Warrant Officer M. D. (Michael) Egan, MMM, CD (PDF 204.9 KB)

Vigilans: 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group 
Sergent Andrew Lowry, CD (PDF 1.23 MB)

Quebec’s 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group: A Contemporary History
Major Nicolas Hilaréguy and Captain Julie L. Pagé (PDF 2.24 MB)

3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group 
Major T. M. Bell, CD (PDF 1.72 MB)

A Sister Alliance: 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group and Australia’s North-West Field Force
Major Geoffrey Robinson (PDF 1.81 MB)

5th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group: Sentinels of the East
Lieutenant-Colonel John Cross, CD (PDF 1.66 MB)

Strategic Replenishment Of Ammunition: A Proposal To Achieve Operational Readiness
Lieutenant-Colonel G. Olivier (PDF 1.70 MB)

Proactive Approach To Reconciling Grief Paves A Path To Resilience For The Canadian Army
J. Hatanaka, L. Chambers, S. Nakagawa, A. Varga, J. Lee (PDF 1.20 MB)

Privates Edmond Arsenault And Hermas Gallant, the Gothic Line And Remembrance
Jean-François Born (PDF 2.03 MB)

Start With Why: Selection And Maintenance Of The Aim On Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE
Lieutenant-Colonel Chelsea Braybrook, CD and Lieutenant-Colonel Jesse van Eijk, CD (PDF 1.84 MB)

Response To "Rebuttal: Captain Nelson’s Article 'The Influence Of The Opium Trade On Conflict Within Afghanistan'"
Major Thomas Nelson (PDF 557 KB)

Book Reviews

A True History Of The United States
Captain Alexander Landry, M.B.A. (PDF 689 KB)

Always Ready: A History Of The Royal Regiment Of Canada
Major (Ret’d) Murray Robertson (PDF 761 KB)


Aditi Malhotra, Ph.D. , Editor-in-Chief

It is a tremendous honour and privilege for me to pen this editorial as the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Army Journal (CAJ). As CAJ marks the 75th anniversary of its inception, it is fitting to acknowledge the invaluable role played by the previous editors who successfully carried the tradition of the intellectual development of the Canadian Army through this journal. I remain grateful to Lieutenant-Colonel (LCol) Michael A. Rostek (Retired) for guiding me as I transitioned into my new role and kindly agreeing to serve as a member of the Editorial Board. I also owe my gratitude to LCol Andrew Godefroy, who continues to offer his guidance and support to the publication. CAJ thrives due to the significant part played by each of the esteemed members of the Editorial Board. It is essential to recognize the role played by external reviewers from Canada and across continents who help maintain a robust peer-review process.

I feel fortunate to have an incredible editorial staff and to receive immense support from the Canadian Army Land Warfare Centre. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the significant contributions of Colonel Jim W. Smith, LCol J. M. A. Carrier, Major (Maj) John Bosso, Maj Bruce Rolston, Mr. Peter Gizewski and Dr. Nancy Teeple to CAJ and its journey ahead. Each CAJ edition is possible because of the enormous support we receive from the Army Publishing Office and their passionate team: Susan Russell, Francine Lefebvre, Rebecca Abrams and Brandon Denard. Equally noteworthy is the assistance from Director Army Public Affairs (DAPA) in enhancing CAJ’s outreach. We continue to work with CADTC on the CAJ webpage, and we hope you like the new look, styling and additional content, including the Tactical Decision Games series. I would also like to express my gratitude to Maj Jayson Geroux and LCol Amos Fox for their constant support to the journal and its initiatives. The CAJ 20.1 issue is dedicated to the theme of the Canadian Rangers as they commemorated their 75th anniversary in 2022. The initial pages are graced by forewords from Brigadier-General N. D. Stanton, Colonel Benoit Mainville and Chief Warrant Officer M. D. Egan. This issue hosts five thematic feature articles, one from each Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (CRPG). From 1 CRPG, Sergeant Andrew Lory offers an insight into the experience of a Ranger instructor and what it means to serve in the “true North.” Maj Hilaréguy and Captain (Capt) Pagé take the readers through the contemporary history of 2 CRPG and the communities where the Rangers live and operate. Capt Camilo Olea-Ortega of 3 CRPG provides a detailed overview of the unit’s history and contemporary contributions to the communities in its area of responsibility. Maj Geoffrey Robinson sheds light on the unique aspects of 4 CRPG and its sister alliance with the Australian North West Field Force. Further, LCol John Cross takes us through the chronological evolution of 5 CRPG and the steady growth of the Canadian Rangers Corps thanks to renewed attention and increased resources.

Accompanying the theme-based articles are notable contributions on a range of pertinent subjects. LCol Guillaume Olivier undertakes an in-depth analysis of the replenishment of ammunition and explosives and presents a proposal for achieving operational readiness. Addressing the crucial subject of mental health challenges faced by military personnel, the seventh feature article delves into the need to reconcile trauma and grief and explains the benefits of the Grief Reconciliation Training program. I urge you to read and reflect on the riveting account of two Second World War veterans, Privates Edmond Arsenault and Hermas Gallant, by Jean-François Born. It is heartening to share that Edmond Arsenault celebrated his 100th birthday in 2022. We at CAJ thank him for his service and sacrifice. Rounding out the feature articles, LCols Chelsea Braybrook and Jesse van Eijk offer a thought-provoking examination of Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE. These articles are followed by incisive book reviews from Captain Alexander Landry and Major (retired) Murray Robertson. In the Stand-Up Table section, we feature a rebuttal by Major Thomas Nelson. I welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement and hope you enjoy reading the issue.

Lastly, we are experiencing uncertain times with a transitioning world order, renewed major power competition and an ongoing war in Europe. Concurrently, we are working towards reconstituting and nurturing an inclusive and positive culture where every person can thrive to the best of their abilities. These developments and pursuits remind us of the challenges and opportunities that modern militaries, such as ours, face. It also calls for informed and nuanced debates and discussions on pertinent subjects. At CAJ, we believe in the journal’s potential to be an instrument of intellectual growth and a platform for professional discourse and scholarly debates that befit our forward-looking, ready and thinking Army. As we embark on this ambitious journey, I hope to receive continued support from our contributors, our reviewers and, most importantly, you, our valued readers.

Aditi Malhotra, Ph.D.

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