Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund

Rebuilding livelihoods and safeguarding the economy after Hurricane Fiona

Through the Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund (HFRF), the federal government will provide up to $300 million over 2 years, starting in 2022, to support local communities and businesses affected by the storm and to help long-term recovery efforts.  

The HFRF is a support measure to fill gaps for those who may not qualify under their insurance or other existing federal and provincial support measures, like their respective province’s disaster financial assistance. 

The Fund is coordinated by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), which is working with other federal departments and agencies to address and determine local recovery needs, develop targeted initiatives to assist in recovery and rebuilding, and allocate funds accordingly to the departments and agencies that will deliver their portion of the HFRF.

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Building on the government’s ongoing response to Hurricane Fiona in Atlantic Canada and Eastern Quebec, the HFRF will support recovery efforts such as:

ACOA’s role

Coordinating support

As communities and businesses continue to assess the damage and costs related to Hurricane Fiona, ACOA is working with other federal departments and agencies, as well as provincial governments, to address recovery needs.

Working with businesses and communities in affected areas of Atlantic Canada

With its 35 offices throughout the region, ACOA officials are working directly with businesses and communities on the ground in order to develop the best and most appropriate programs and support measures. Our employees are in the field meeting and speaking with business owners and community leaders to assess impacts and determine the best options to recover and build resiliency for future climate-related storms.

ACOA's allocation

ACOA is one of several federal departments and agencies that will be delivering targeted assistance in the local recovery and rebuilding efforts.

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