2 Billion Trees Commitment

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The ongoing call for proposals is now open. Learn more and apply for funding.

Planting two billion trees is taking a significant step forward in Canada’s journey to tackle the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. The 2 Billion Trees program is committed to partnering with governments and organizations to plant two billion trees over 10 years – trees that will capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, improve air and water quality, help to restore nature and biodiversity, cool our urban centres and create and support thousands of green jobs.

Canadians know that forests and trees sustain life on Earth, and they rely on forests for a wealth of benefits. Healthy forest ecosystems sustain thousands of living organisms, supply us with food, provide shelter and shade on a sunny day and hold spiritual significance for many, particularly within Indigenous cultures. Partnerships with provinces, territories, non-profit organizations, businesses, and Indigenous governments and organizations will help us reach our 2 billion trees goal together.

The 2 Billion Tree program supports organizations in planting more trees today for a better tomorrow.

2021: Year 1 – Building a foundation for long-term success

Calls for Proposals in 2021

sites across Canada

tree species

trees planted in 2021

Indigenous led projects

All grants and contributions funding spent

Tree planting success stories across Canada

2021 tree planting partnerships and success stories

Trees do not appear overnight. Seedlings take years to grow and as they do, so do the diverse partnerships that are vital for progress. Establishing multi-year agreements with tree planting organizations and governments to ramp up tree planting capacity is key to reaching our 2 billion goal together! Learn more about some of our 2021 success stories!

2022: Year 2 – Multi-year partnerships with tree planting organizations and local governments

proposals received in February 2022

in grants and contributions funding requested for new projects

425 million
trees proposed (2022 and beyond)

of proposals are for Indigenous-led (21%) and urban (26%) projects

Average cost
per tree ranges from $2.04 (mass planting projects) to $55.67 (urban projects)

The 2 Billion Trees program is now collaborating with partners on long-term agreements for tree planting that will in turn create stable demand on nurseries. As contribution agreements are signed and purchase orders are made, nurseries will be able to invest in infrastructure and seedling production, ensuring the right trees are grown and planted in the right places.

Provinces and territories are key partners in large-scale tree planting. These partnerships are underpinned by Agreements in Principle that demonstrate a shared commitment to plant trees on provincial and territorial Crown lands.

Planting two billion trees is no small feat. It takes a lot of planning, preparation and often many years to get from a seed to planting a tree in the ground, but the benefits span generations!

Find out more about
the program

Are you an organization interested in being a part of the 2 Billion Trees program?

The ongoing call for proposals is now open. Learn more and apply for funding.

Discover how we will get there together

Are you interested in learning about our progress and how we work with our partners?

Discover how our 10-year plan to plant two billion trees across Canada will support biodiversity restoration and reduce greenhouse gases by 2050.

How trees are planted and how it helps

Are you a tree-enthusiast?

Learn about the steps and time needed to go from a seed to a mature tree and how we are working with Indigenous communities, private landowners, cities, provinces and territories to make it happen.

Planting 2 billion trees benefits all of us

Capture carbon in growing trees to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and help in the fight against climate change
Enhance biodiversity and forest resilience to climate change by planting the right tree species in the right places and restoring wildlife habitat
Support human well-being by creating more green spaces for recreational activities and sanctuaries for connecting with nature, better regulation of temperatures in cities, improved mental well-being and reduced risk of wildland fire and floods to our communities

Natural Climate Solutions Fund

The 2 Billion Trees program is one part of the Natural Climate Solutions Fund, which also includes:

Taking action for our environment

Connect with hundreds of online resources that can help you take action to fight climate change and protect the environment.

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