2 Billion Trees Commitment

2 Billion Trees: Planting today for a better tomorrow. Follow us #2BillionTrees

The ongoing call for proposals is now open. Learn more and apply for funding.

The 2 Billion Trees (2BT) program provides financial support to organizations to plant trees over 10 years.

Planting two billion trees is taking a significant step forward in Canada’s approach to tackle the dual crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. These trees will capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, improve air and water quality, help to restore nature and biodiversity, cool our urban centres, and create and support thousands of green jobs.

Healthy forest ecosystems are home to thousands of living organisms. Forests supply us with food, provide shelter and shade, and hold spiritual significance for many, particularly within Indigenous cultures.

Together with provinces, territories, non-profit organizations, businesses, and Indigenous governments and organizations, we will reach our two billion trees goal.

Planting two billion trees is no small feat. It takes a lot of planning, preparation and often many years to get from a seed to planting a tree in the ground, but the benefits span generations!

Funding opportunities
to plant trees

Organizations interested in being a part of the 2BT program

The ongoing call for proposals is now open. Learn more about eligibility and the application process for funding.


Tree planting progress and successes

Discover how many trees have been planted and the many benefits achieved so far. Explore our program timeline to learn more about 2BT developments.

Planting the right tree
in the right place

A better tomorrow

Understand the importance of biodiversity in Canada’s forests and the 2BT program, and how the trees planted today become the forests of the future.

Working with provinces
and territories

A shared commitment

Learn more about Agreements in Principle between the provinces and territories to plant trees on provincial and territorial Crown lands.

Planting 2 billion trees benefits all of us

Capture carbon in growing trees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help in the fight against climate change
Enhance biodiversity and forest resilience to climate change by planting the right tree species in the right places and restoring wildlife habitat
Support human well-being by creating more green spaces for recreational activities and sanctuaries for connecting with nature, better regulation of temperatures in cities, improved mental well-being and reduced risk of wildland fire and floods to our communities

Science supporting the 2 Billion Trees program

A key activity of the 2 Billion Trees program is enhancing science and mobilizing knowledge to support improved program outcomes. NRCan is investing in targeted research projects to address knowledge gaps, inform innovative practices and optimize benefits for biodiversity and human well-being.

Natural Climate Solutions Fund

The 2 Billion Trees program is one part of the Natural Climate Solutions Fund, which also includes:

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