Get to Know the GCWCC

What do you know about the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC)? Learn about the Campaign, those who are involved, and who you are helping by donating through the campaign.

What is the GCWCC?

The GCWCC is the largest workplace campaign in Canada and it engages federal public service employees and retirees in a combined effort to raise funds and donate time to those in need.

In 2023, our theme was the GCWCC Matters! This highlights the difference we make through the campaign. Through the GCWCC, public servants come together, build team spirit, create a sense of belonging, and give back to our communities. The campaign offers the opportunity for federal employees to understand how our charitable efforts make a difference across the country.

Public servants and retirees can support HealthPartners, United Way Centraide or any other registered Canadian charity you choose. In 2023, the GCWCC raised $28.7 million to help communities across the country.

Why does it matter?

In 2023, the GCWCC helped more than 6,600 charities to improve lives by building stronger communities and healthier people nationwide. The generosity of campaign donors has helped deliver critical care and services – when and where they were needed most – to make a difference in the lives of Canadians.

Donations support:

Supporting charities is a personal choice, so you can donate to the causes you care about most.

Leading the Charge: The GCWCC National Cabinet

The GCWCC National Cabinet provides leadership to the annual charitable campaign. The National Cabinet includes and Elder-in Residence and senior leaders from every region across Canada, a council of young public servants representing all regions across the country and led by two Co-Chairs, and representatives for federal retirees.

The National Cabinet's goal is to create a campaign in which all public servants can participate, no matter where they are.

National Chair's Office

The National Chair's Office supports the GCWCC Chair and Co-Chair to ensure a successful execution of the annual campaign.

If you have questions about the national campaign and vision, are looking for best practices or want to share your departmental successes, contact the team at


Codie Taylor

Manager, Communications

Sylvia Boyadjian

Communications Officer

Mackenzie Walsh

The Youth Council's Young and Young at Heart Play a Big Role

Simply put, the Youth Council is the future of our campaign. The Council includes representatives of every region across Canada and it serves to engage and inspire new and young (or young at heart) public servants in the campaign.

The Youth Council also runs ProjectBe, which has grown from raising $35,000 in its inaugural year in 2016 to raising over $2.67 million in 2023. ProjectBe includes three pillars: youth mental health and addiction, supporting indigenous causes, and addressing homelessness.

Who are Our Partners, HealthPartners and United Way Centraide?

By donating through the GCWCC, you can support the causes that matter to you. You can direct your donation to a registered Canadian charity of your choice, or you can direct it to HealthPartners or your local United Way Centraide. The choice is yours.

HealthPartners: They are your neighbours. When it comes to health, they are there for you. Your donations help 17 member charities save the lives of those you love. In 2022, $7.1 million was donated via the GCWCC to support HealthPartners charities.

United Way Centraide is committed to helping people and families across Canada build better lives. They do this by moving people from poverty to possibility, helping kids be all that they can be, and building strong and healthy communities. In 2022, $11.7 million donated via the GCWCC helped support United Way Centraide in its mission across Canadian communities.

Volunteers and Your Incredible Impact

Volunteers are the most critical part of the campaign. Without volunteers, there would be no campaign. They  help run the departmental campaigns. They also work closely with the departmental chairs by campaigning, hosting events and raising awareness. They can also donate their time to charities of their choice.

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