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[Logo of Canada 150]

[Steep cliffs border a rocky coastline.]

[Text on screen: "2017 was a year of celebration, sharing and discovery."]

[Flowers cover the branches of a tree. The sun illuminates a forest of tall trees. A lighthouse stands atop a cliff in front a body of water that extends to the horizon.]

[Text on screen: "Throughout the year, people across the country shared their hopes and their vision for Canada."]

[Two farm buildings stand in the middle of a snowy property. Fishing huts are scattered across a frozen lake.]

Man 1: "In life, everything is a collaborative effort."

[A silhouetted person stands at the edge of a cliff overlooking a vast body of water. Clouds rapidly blow past a farm in the middle of a forested valley.]

Man 2: "You need to turn to other people for motivation sometimes and it’s okay to ask for help."

[The sun illuminates a downtown skyline behind a body of water. People wearing jackets and carrying bags walk down a city street.]

Man 3: "You know, you have to hold arms, and you have to walk in sync."

[Video footage shows smiling people of different ages and races: a man in a construction uniform standing on a dock, a woman standing on a sidewalk in Montreal, two young women standing outside a colourful storefront, an older man standing on a tree-lined driveway, a young girl wearing a colourful winter coat and hat, and a man holding a baby in his arms.]

Man 4 (translated from French to English): "A bunch of different cultures get together and that’s what creates the beauty of Canada."

[A man looks outside a window on which trees are reflected.]

Man 5: "All together, we have creativity, curiosity, collaboration and courage."

[A man standing in front of a building covered with metal sheeting crosses his arms. Another man standing in a city centre looks around at the surrounding buildings.]

Man 6: "Over the next 150 years we can employ the terrific intellectual capital that we have on this planet."

[A man gives a dance class to a group of boys. A smiling woman stands on a street corner. A young woman stands up on the mast of a boat and looks around. A young man adjusts his tie.]

Woman 1: "So if we’re really going to be serious about creating a better future for everyone, then we need to be looking at everyone. Including ourselves."

[Snow gusts down a deserted street in a northern village. Children play in a cave opening onto a beach.]

Woman 2 (translated from French to English): "What I hope for Canada is that we learn how to get to know one another, that we learn to live together."

[A man stands on a stage illuminated by floor lights with his back to the audience. A group of women stand together and some of them embrace.]

Man 7 (translated from French to English): "We all want to be loved and accepted as we are. That’s it."

[A group of young people with mobility assistance devices raise their arms in unison.]

Woman 3 (translated from French to English): "We really need to learn from everyone."

[A young woman smiles outside a storefront. An older woman smiles in front of a house.]

Woman 4 (translated from French to English): "People’s enthusiasm and positivity."

[Two people hug.]

Man 8: "I have a lot of hope for the future."

[The sun shines on a vast body of water bordered by forests and mountains.]

Woman 5: "As a country we have so much to work with."

[A group of people use their snow shoes to trace the shape of a Canadian maple leaf on the surface of a frozen lake.]

Man 9: "You can’t change what’s in the past, it’s frozen, but the future is to be decided and we can choose where we go collectively."

[Two children cross a suspension bridge overlooking a narrow body of water surrounded by a forest.]

[Text on screen: "Together, Canadians can do great things."]

[Text on screen: "Here's to the next 150 years."]

[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "", "#canada150"]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."

[Canada wordmark]

The 150th anniversary of Confederation was an opportunity to celebrate as a nation, to better understand each other and to think about the work still ahead. To cap off the festivities, we’re giving Canadians the chance to share their messages of hope for the future.

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