Canada 150

Canada 150

During Canada 150, the 150th anniversary of our Confederation, Canadians came together and celebrated what it means to be Canadian.

This year was filled with activities that focused on engaging and inspiring youth; celebrating our diversity and encouraging inclusion; establishing a spirit of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples; and discovering Canada’s natural beauty and strengthening environmental awareness. Canadians and visitors from all around the world were invited to participate, celebrate and explore their country. Canadians and visitors alike responded with enthusiasm and got involved in ways that were meaningful to them.

Canada 150 at a glance

Participation from coast to coast to coast
  • 38 pan-Canadian Signature projects and 636 Community projects focused on the four Canada 150 themes: Diversity and Inclusion, Engaging and Inspiring Youth, Indigenous Reconciliation and the Environment. Over 7,500 applications for use of the Canada 150 logo were approved, half of which were issued for commercial purposes bringing benefits to local economies.

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Celebrations across the country all year…
  • 3.3 million joined in Celebrate Canada Days events in the 19 major cities; a further 32.1 million viewers joined in on multiple platforms. In addition, the government supported more than 1,700 community led celebrations.
  • 120 missions conducted an estimated 1,000 events involving 900,000 people globally.

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Encouraging Canadians to explore Canada…
  • 27.3 million people visited a National Park, a National Historic site or a Marine Conservation Area in 2017.
  • 16% increase in the number of Canadian millennials who vacationed within the country this year

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Other interesting facts
  • More than 150 partners (federal, provincial, municipal, non-governmental, philanthropic and private sectors) contributed to Canada 150 celebrations.
  • Some interesting social media statistics:
    • Marketing campaign reached 5.8 million and had nearly 20 million impressions on social media.
    • Canada 150 Ambassadors had a combined social media reach of more than 115 million impressions.

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The Canada We Dream Of (Transcript)

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