National Holocaust Monument

National Holocaust Monument

The National Holocaust Monument is a place of remembrance. Please be respectful when visiting this site.

Located at the corner of Wellington and Booth streets in Ottawa, the Monument features six soaring triangular concrete segments that create the points of a star — reminiscent of the yellow stars that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. The interior of the monument features a large gathering area for commemorative and educational activities, an interpretive exhibit and six murals depicting contemporary photographs of Holocaust sites. There is also a space for quiet reflection, as well as a terrace with views of the Capital’s downtown core including Canada’s democratic institutions.

The monument design fully integrates architecture, landscape, art, and interpretation and communicates themes of hardship and suffering while conveying a powerful message of humanity's enduring strength and survival.

Design team: Lord Cultural Resources (cultural planners), Daniel Libeskind (architect), Edward Burtynsky (artist-photographer), Claude Cormier (landscape architect) and Doris Bergen (Holocaust scholar).

Please note that Canadian Heritage is not currently offering guided tours of this monument.

An aerial view of the National Holocaust Monument

This aerial view of the monument clearly shows that it is shaped like a star.

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