About Confederation Boulevard

Go to the heart of Canada's Capital by visiting Confederation Boulevard, the Capital's ceremonial and discovery route.

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Where is Confederation Boulevard?

Confederation Boulevard is a series of streets that, together, make up a grand route around the centre of Ottawa and Gatineau. The Boulevard is made of three parts:

  • Central loop: Crosses the Ottawa River to encircle the downtown cores of Ottawa and Gatineau. Some of Canada's most important institutions, heritage sites, monuments and festival plazas are here.
  • North-eastern section: Follows Sussex Drive, passing through the Capital's international sector to Rideau Hall, the residence of Canada's governor general.
  • Southern section: Provides a grand approach along Elgin Street to the National War Memorial.

The Sights of Confederation Boulevard

Enjoy a stroll along Confederation Boulevard, home to many of the Capital's attractions. Along the route you will see:

Key Attractions and Historic Sites

Parliament HillRideau Hall24 Sussex Drive, the Supreme Court of Canada, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the National Gallery of Canada, the National Arts Centre (NAC), and more. Save on museum admissions with the Canada's Capital Museums Passport.

Monuments and Public Art

Many of the Capital's stunning monuments and public art are located along Confederation Boulevard.

Green Spaces and Waterways

The centre of the Capital holds many green spaces, which are both havens of nature and the setting for major celebrations. Along Confederation Boulevard you'll see Confederation ParkMajor's Hill ParkNepean Point, and Jacques-Cartier Park, as well as scenic recreational paths. There are also many stunning views over the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vibrant Colours

Throughout the year there are splashes of colour along Confederation Boulevard.

  • In spring, thousands of tulips brighten the streets during the annual tulip festival.
  • Every summer, hundreds of colourful banners celebrate Canada's provinces and territories and important events in Canadian history.
  • In the fall, enjoy the brilliant coloured leaves of the Boulevard's many trees.
  • In winter, the Boulevard is lit with thousands of coloured lights for Winter Lights Across Canada.

Ceremonies and Parades

Confederation Boulevard is the route that foreign dignitaries and the Royal Family use during their visits. On summer days you can watch the Changing of the Guard parade on route to Parliament Hill. Each November, crowds gather on Confederation Boulevard for the Capital's Remembrance Day ceremony.

Map and Guide to Confederation Boulevard

Before you go, be sure to get copies of the Confederation Boulevard map and guide for suggested tour routes and self-guided walking tours. You can visit the Capital Information Kiosk for free print copies.

Along the Boulevard, you will also find 3-D bronze maps, info-map columns and roving interpretation officers. There are also many interpretation panels along the route.

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